21 People Share The One Thing They Wish The ESFJs In Their Lives Understood


1. “You guys are so genuinely nice. You’re so good at putting people at ease and making everyone feel important. Just be sure to take time and remember that you’re important too.” –ENTP

2. “Thanks for being the mother figure in my life…even when I don’t always like it.” –ENFJ

3. “Unhealthy ESFJs: Please. Stop. Gossiping. For the love of everything good in this world, please stop gossiping. Not everyone likes talking about other people (especially an INTP, who is pretty private and respects others’ privacy.) And for those of us who don’t, gossip makes us really, really uncomfortable – not only hearing people’s lives casually used as entertainment collateral, but realizing you probably do that with ours, too, when we’re not in the room.” –INTP

4. “I like you when you take the time to listen. And I like being the one who listens to you, too. I like that when I say, ‘I’m fine,’ you know when I’m not. And you also know when to press for me to explain and when to just let me hide.” –INFJ

5. “Self reflection is really important. I know you feel better when you talk about everything with everyone, but sometimes it helps to take the time to figure yourself out before letting others muddle all your feelings.” –ENFJ

6. “The world doesn’t end if there is a conflict. Sometimes it is extremely necessary and healthy!” –ESTP

7. “You help make the world go round with your kind, amenable, servant hearted self. I’m so thankful for your warmth and practicality. You are much beloved.” –INFP

8. “I will finish my work with my own way, in my own pace. I know you’re trying to help by trying to organize me, but I work better when I’m not rushed!” –ESFP

9. “Please be more aware of how you treat people sometimes… many of you will be so nice to someone’s face but then talk shit about behind their back. You may not realize it, but that behaviour makes most people really uncomfortable.” –ENFP

10. “As annoying as your organizational skills can be, I wish I had them.” –ENTP

11. “Just because I don’t want to be a part of the group activity doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy you individually. It’s possible to have fun without every single person participating. I want to do my own thing sometimes, and it doesn’t make me a bad person.” –ESTP

12. “Thanks for taking care of me when I can’t be bothered to take care of myself.” –ISFJ

13. “You and me, we know how to throw a party! I get you!” –ENFJ

14. “It’s not at all a reflection on you when I don’t want to follow your specific structure and instead go my own way for a bit.” –ISTJ

15. “Please learn how to express your emotions without resorting to passive-aggressiveness. I know you want to help others and care deeply, but I want you to be honest with yourself and others about your own emotions.” –INFJ

16. “Thank you for being the adventurous moms and dads of the world, and for being prepared for anything!” –ENFP

17. “You are by far my favourite type. I wish I could surround myself with nothing but ESFJs. But just remember that other people show their love back to you in different ways.” –INTJ

18. “It doesn’t always have to be done your way. Sometimes it should be done the way everyone else wants.” -ESFP

19. “Although you are one of the most common female types and you tend to fit traditional gender roles well, please do not hold high social, emotional, or motherly/home-making standards for other women. Many women, particularly NT’s, do not fit into this classic female mould, and feel like the female world is dominated by SFJ’s who are watching others to see if they have it together in this female competition of who is the prettiest, most socially adept, and most nurturing. Please be open to different kinds of women.” –ENTP

20. “I love you, but you stress me out. Sometimes, it’s best to just let things happen–not everyday needs an itinerary.” –INFJ

21. “Thank you for being the kindest, brightest, most caring person in my world.” –ISFJ