23 Promises For A Better And Happier Life


1. Promise to love yourself. No matter how long that takes. Promise yourself to accept who you are now until you work on being the best possible version of yourself that you love.

2. Promise yourself to walk away from people who don’t deserve you; family, friends, significant others. If they act like they don’t need you, you certainly don’t need them.

3. Promise yourself to appreciate your family, friends and the one’s who do love and appreciate you.

4. Promise yourself not to take advantage of those who are there for you but also promise yourself to not let others take advantage of you.

5. Promise yourself to do more of what makes you happy, in order to be happy.

6. Promise yourself to love, no matter how many times you’ve been hurt. Love heals all wounds.

7. Promise to forgive yourself for your past mistakes and failures. Look at is as a lesson learned.

8. Promise yourself to try harder. Don’t ever give up.

9. Promise yourself to let go of toxic people, thoughts, feelings. All they will do is ruin you.

10. Promise yourself to start doing things that scare you, including falling in love.

11. Promise to be there for others.

12. Promise yourself to allow others to help you if you need it. You always need someone.

13. Promise yourself to live a life that you’re happy living, and if you’re not, promise to change it.

14. Promise yourself to find something good in every painful experience and situation.

15. Promise yourself to let go, let go, let go. Don’t stress over things you cannot control or change.

16. Promise yourself to smile. Don’t ever stop smiling. Even through the pain.

17. Promise to try to let people in. Promise to trust those who never once disappoint you or let you down.

18. Promise yourself to forget what’s behind you and start appreciating what’s in front of you. Don’t let the past affect your future.

19. Promise to find something you love and never let it go.

20. Promise yourself to stop comparing your life to others. Your life is YOUR life and if you don’t like it, work to change or turn it around.

21. Promise yourself to listen to your gut when it warns you about something. The worst feeling is being disappointed in something you CAN control.

22. Promise yourself to start believing in yourself.

23. Most importantly, promise yourself (and live to that promise) that 2017 will be your year.