23 Legitimate Reasons Hooking Up Is Easier When Backpacking


As the hookup culture is becoming more and more common in modern society, it’s been around for backpackers for decades. This isn’t an invitation to travel simply due to this reason alone (that would be sad) but it is well known throughout the backpacker world that hookups come a lot quicker, easier and more frequently.

Hooking up is part and parcel of what traveling is. It’s love. But in a very temporary, carelessly, romantically engineered way. New bonds are created, new cultures are encountered, and new accents are adored.

Meeting more and more people, especially if you are alone, gives you that encouragement to make the first move, buy the first beer, ask the first question and even slip the hand down first.

Some may not approve because at home this kind of behavior may get you a bad name, well that’s different. You’re backpacking now, the rules are different, there are none.


Let’s take a look at why it’s naturally easier to hook up whilst on the road:

1. It’s different.

Have you ever come across a hot yoga teacher from South Africa who loves a beer when you are from England? Hell no. What are we going to do, swap numbers and meet for coffee in two years’ time?

2. There is no such thing as a reputation here.

This is better for women, as men are known as legends for their sexual antics. Women are known to be devious on the road and in some instances, as obvious and forward as men are. That’s awesome, as they won’t feel guilty about it tomorrow.

3. Mutual appreciation.

You both are doing the same thing, living the dream on the road. You have something instantly in common.

You talk about how your friends weren’t into the idea, but you did it anyway. You feel awesome and proud.

And the hot guy you’re chatting with on the bus does too. Where are you staying?

4. A thing called happiness.

When you are happy, wherever you are in the world, your emotional guard and walls will inevitably lower down.

Basically, you’re a walkover when it comes to some things. It’s natural and that means you won’t rule out hooking up with the guy who just offered to share a taxi from the airport.

5. Alcohol and bar tabs. God dammit.

Goes without saying, doesn’t it? Alcohol must be the biggest influence in the world for people hooking up. Well, amplify that when you are backpacking. You are loose, free and in unknown territories, so alcohol calms you down and makes you more social. Boom, hot guy buys me a drink and the next thing I know, I’m waking up in his dorm room.

6. Hostels and dorms.

Let’s face it. Being so close together, top bunk or bottom bunk, side by side, it’s easy to suggest the idea of a spoon. That leads to a fork…

7. Introduce the accent.

Probably second to alcohol in the case of a quick backpacker hookup. Whether it’s a cheeky Irish accent for the girls or the purring sexy accent of a Colombian, the sound of your voice will go a long way.

8. It can get lonely.

Let’s face it; we will always feel a bit lonely at times on the road. Despite the crazy overwhelming euphoria we feel, after we arrive at a new hostel alone, we want someone there. Waking up with someone allows a new lease of life for us to enjoy going forward.

9. #YOLO.

I’m travelling. F*ck it. I have no responsibilities and it’s fun and daring. This is definitely the last line of thoughts before you decide that this is your night. Again.

10. The original backpacker stereotype lure.

Hippie-like, free, quirky clothes, tattoos, loves some weed and always travels the beaten path. Man, that’s a book in itself. Why not get more acquainted?

11. It’s your last night?

One last night to remember, to top off a crazy trip. One more night of lust. Or maybe the first and last time you hook up with them. You want to make your time count.

12. Here today, gone tomorrow.

There will be no awkwardness and no 21 questions on why, when and what. You have an early flight or journey tomorrow morning and it will be literally an “in the moment” kind of thing. Out of sight, out of mind.

13. The mysterious traveller who is all so quiet.

You find this guy a mystery but strangely attractive. He is on his own, keeping to himself. Time to find out more.

Well, sex will be the best way to investigate.

14. People are for real.

All your cards are on the table. Backpackers are honest and open, despite maybe with regard to their embarrassments or faults. There really isn’t a lot of pretentious behavior. Like it or leave it.

15. Flag hunting!

You quite like the idea of obtaining an exotic Brazilian flag to the pole. You make more of an effort. All you have had is a Scottish one and even that was from Coatbridge.

16. Same nationality, same banter.

Or maybe you like your homeboys and girls.
Being from the same country, you kind of get what they are about. And that can make it easy pickings. Like a Geordie lad to an Essex girl. Always going to happen.

17. Prospect of a new life.

This is true in a sense, especially for locals. The perception of a European partner coming into their lives is massive. They dream of something bigger and therefore make it easier for you.

18. A lot more flesh is on show.

A lot of thighs, cleavage, pecks and legs are on show. Especially in the hotter destinations. Whether it’s hot pants or singlets, there is more for the eye, which is where it all starts.

19. Personalities matter.

You can get to know someone ever so quickly given the social vibe that occurs between backpackers meeting for the first time. It’s not just all about your “type” anymore. You can connect on different levels.

20. Going solo.

You can go where you want, when you want. Your decisions and options are endless. In addition to that, braving it by going on the road alone generally allows for others to become more warmed to you, and get to know you better. If you are both in the same boat, it’s a one on one connection.

21. We are curious. Especially backpackers.

“Normally guys like him are real hard asses and difficult to speak to.” Just because they’re covered with tattoos doesn’t mean they don’t have hearts. People are curious. And the reason why backpackers exist is because of curiosity.

22. The lack of smartphone gazing.

Even though more and more hostels are providing free Wi-Fi, at least some backpackers will normally put down their phones and take part in sociable activities. Others won’t want to use their phones, as they want to get away from it all. Less technology means more getting together.

23. Because you will actually be very horny.

All those hours traveling on a bus, train or plane, tightly crammed in with no privacy. Hostels aren’t much better for that too, constantly someone near you. All these new emotions and new people in your life, coupled with your happiness and sense of adventure, eventually you want to release your hormones some how. You’ll hook up sooner or later.