23 Signs Your Significant Other Is The Missing Piece To Your Life Puzzle


1. You don’t need to be doing anything especially exciting or textbook fun to have an amazing time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Being together is the one and only requirement for having a downright awesome time.

2. Sometimes, in fact, lying in bed together late into the morning and lazing about is the most rewarding way to spend an entire day.

3. Having absolutely no plans is a treat when it means you get to devote every waking minute to loving each other—and while sexual contact is generally welcomed, it’s not necessarily required.

4. Although it does have to be said that you finally understand how mindblowing sex is when you feel truly connected to the person you’re sleeping with.

5. You love the way your significant other smells so much, you roll over to their side of the bed periodically just to sniff their pillow a little.

6. When you’re separated for too many hours, you’ve also been known to bury your face in one of their t-shirts for a comforting whiff.

7. You definitely wear their clothes whenever possible, not because their shirts and jeans look all that good on you, but because you genuinely want to feel closer to them.

8. Certain words have taken on new meaning within your relationship—special, random words dripping in positive context, fond memories, and inside jokes only you two comprehend.

9. You pretty much speak your very own couple’s language, like a pair of secret agents deftly manipulating code to insulate yourselves from outsiders.

10. You routinely decline invitations to set aside room to hang out with each other only because you cherish being alone together.

11. You’re not one to dodge friends, but you don’t feel bad about fibbing to people to preserve your special time with your significant other because that’s what keeps you going.

12. Being with your partner is like bathing in tranquility, relief, safety, love, and comfort. You never grow tired of it, even when you fight.

13. Fighting is part of your ongoing narrative because it’s inevitable within a relationship. But you can always see a glimmer of peace on the horizon when you’re in the thick of a nasty exchange.

14. You consult you partner on almost all matters, from what to wear to an important meeting to how you should word a critical email and whether or not you should eat grilled cheese or chicken for dinner.

15. Your partner’s opinion means a lot to you and taking their input into consideration never feels like a sacrifice of self. It feels right.

16. You approach certain simple tasks differently since the time you first started dating—maybe you use an electric toothbrush now, or you wash with an exfoliating glove instead of a loofa—because you want to do things their way.

17. Over the months or years, you’ve quietly observed each other’s habits and tapped the best from both your worlds, making for one stronger unit overall.

18. One of you definitely started eating better or exercising more thanks to the other.

19. Suddenly, your health and longevity matter in an entirely new way—you want to stick around mostly because you don’t want to miss out on any time with your lover.

20. Your friends and family have noted that your partner makes you insanely happy, and that your attitude overall has improved significantly since you got together.

21. When you sense that someone’s envious of your bond, you downplay your relationship out of kindness and good manners, but secretly you know they have reason to be jealous.

22. Any doubts you once entertained about finding the right person have completely evaporated.

23. You don’t consider yourself half of a couple. You’re part of a team. A dual human unit that does life better together than separately.