23 Signs You’re Secretly An Overachiever


1. Never feeling popular because everyone hates the overachiever.

2. Dealing with the perpetual, never-ending fear that you’re just not good enough. Overachievers hate failure, and they still consider themselves a failure even if they’ve had tons of successes in nearly every arena.

3. Murphy’s Law sucks for everyone, but for the overachiever it is the literal worst. You’ve worked so hard on something — your Gesamtkunstwerk! — and all of a sudden the computer crashes, your computer dies, the printer is dead, and all of this happens at some crucial moment. It really blows because when Murphy’s Law hits, overachievers are worried about seeming unprofesh and — omg — normal.

4. Entering situations where you are told what to do. Complete boner-kill.

5. Never feeling satisfied with your output. Overachievers love making little goals for themselves, then trying to bust that goal every single time and often in one sitting.

6. LOL who needs food or a bath when there is a project to complete! Everything else can wait until you’re done.

7. Getting totally jealz of a friend’s Facebook status when they do something amazing. You’d never admit jealousy, though.

8. Having to explain yourself and your ideas more than once. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE FIGURE THINGS OUT ON THEIR OWN???

9. [ (Adderall + Adderall) X Adderall ] ^ Adderall = ALL THE ADDERALL

10. Struggling with anxiety, thusly needing to pop a zanby just to balance out all the Adder all.

11. They have taken the bar exam even if they don’t plan to go to law school.

12. They read the Wall Street Journal, talk about investing, never invest.

13. Having to tell your boy/girlfriend why you just need like 20 more minutes to finish this one little part, then you’re all theirs. Meanwhile, 14 hours later…

14. Constantly needing “just 20 more minutes” to do everything.

15. Overachievers feel guilty when they are not working on something.

16. Saving every rejection letter you’ve ever received (lol) so that when you get famous you can put all the people who denied you on blast. You retaliate by working harder and being all, “Their loss, lol.”

17. Getting bored with people who are just not on your level, sorry not sorry. Overachievers surround themselves with other other overachievers because they guilt inspire them to do well.

18. Overachievers have 40,000 projects going on all at the same time. Otherwise they are not complete.

19. Being super DL about how amazing they are while also casually coaxing their achievements into normal regular conversation. It’s not bragging if they’re JUST FACTS.

20. Every single time you have to deal with bureaucracy. Overachievers don’t have time for bureaucracy bc THEY HAVE IDEAS TO PURSUE!!!

21. Also worrying that your neighbors can hear you talking to yourself as you work out some ideas or kinks in your argument/painting/project.

22. Auditing a class because you can’t deal with the thought of not getting an A.

23. Never admitting your overachiever-yness. See #1.

image – Shutterstock