23 Strong Qualities Of All People Who Have Self-Love


1. You finally realize that what you thought would kill you to let go of has really been killing you all along.

2. Letting go hurts more than holding on but you do it anyway, even when leaving means that with every step you take, your heart shatters a little bit more.

3. You reach the point where you can thank them for breaking you wide open because it gave you the chance to really look inside and see what you’re made of.

4. You’re no longer consumed with hoping they regret it. You have peace because you know you gave it everything you had and because even if the day they’re sorry never comes, your best really was good enough. And you know that someday, someone will thank them for letting you go.

5. You forgive yourself and you forgive others (even when they’re not sorry).

6. You look at every ending as a new beginning.

7. You won’t allow yourself to be destroyed. Because guess what? Broken crayons still color.

8. You haven’t lost the spirit of a girl but you make your decisions based on the wisdom of a woman.

9. You know you can’t give away anything you don’t have so you provide for yourself first and then share what you cultivate.

10. You don’t need validation and you don’t seek from others what you can only get from within.

11. Instead of expecting others not to hurt you, you trust yourself to be strong enough to handle it when they do.

12. You know you’re not perfect but you believe you’re perfect for somebody. And until that person comes along, you’d rather be by yourself than with the wrong one.

13. You not only set – but you also enforce – boundaries. You recognize that having terms and conditions is a prerequisite for having options. What you allow is what you will get.

14. You don’t take it personally when people aren’t nice to you. You know that how people treat others is a reflection of who they are, not a reflection of who you are.

15. You refuse to sacrifice your class to get even with someone who has none.

16. You realize it’s not a competition and you stop comparing yourself to others. Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.

17. You’ve learned to appreciate the struggles because you know they always lead to strength. You remind yourself that a diamond is formed under tremendous pressure. What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.

18. You don’t want anybody who doesn’t want you and there’s nothing in the world you want badly enough to beg for.

19. You accept that some people just like the chase more than the catch and that not everyone you lose is a loss.

20. You finally understand that you don’t need to change HOW you love. Sometimes you just need to change WHO you love.

21. You’ve learned the difference between giving up and letting go. You trust that sometimes God’s blessings aren’t in what He gives but in what He takes away so you no longer continue to knock on a door that He has closed.

22. In your moments of weakness, you remind yourself over and over that eventually one of two things will happen: either he’ll realize you’re worth it or you’ll realize he’s not. Patience really is a virtue.

23. You decide that the last chance really was the last chance.

So what if there are still days you have to listen to Aretha Franklin 87 times in a row – you know that a rose is still a rose and “Baby girl, you’re still a flower…”