23 Thoughts Every College Girl Has Before Going Out


1. OMG, I literally have nothing to wear!

2. *Storms the dorm hall*- I have nothing to wear! Do you have anything I can borrow?

3. I don’t know if I like this top.

4. I feel bloated. Do I look fat?

5. *Gathers the crew*- Yes or no to this outfit?

6. Okay, I’ll just wear this.

7. Heels or booties?

8. Should I straighten or curl my hair?

9. Okay, make-up time.

10. Why do boys get the luxury of only needing five minutes to get ready and it takes us like an hour?

11. I look decent, this’ll do.

12. Okay, everyone ready?

13. Gotta catch the bus in ten minutes!

14. Wait, we need pictures.

15. No flash!

16. Wait, again, but with flash.

17. Wait! But I didn’t take it on Snapchat!

18. OMG I love that pic, save it.

19. Guys, send each other all of our pictures.

20. Which one should I post on Insta?

21. I can’t pick a filter.

22. What should I caption it?

23. Do I look 21?