23 Thoughts Shy People Have While Everyone Else Is Talking


1. I wonder if this person realizes that I’ve heard this story three times already.

2. Does anyone realize I’m even here? Am I actually invisible?

3. What would happen if I just slapped this person right across the face? For no reason. Just… slapped them.

4. What if someone here can read minds and they just heard me think that?

5. If someone’s listening, I was just kidding.

6. Ok, rein in the weird, please.

7. Oh! I have a fun anecdote to contribute to what they’re saying! Go on, say it!

8. Sayyyy ittttt.

9. Whelp. The moment passed. Better luck next time.

10. Let’s play a game of ‘Marry, Fuck, Kill’, shall we?

11. Oooooooh. That person is really cute.


13. That guy does not agree with what this girl is saying. Oooooh he’s so mad. This is awkward.

14. Would anyone notice if I just left right now?

15. Those two are definitely hooking up. Without a doubt.

16. That person’s wrong. They’re sooo wrong. The Civil War and the Revolutionary War are two different things. Is anyone else noticing that they’re talking about two completely different events as if they’re the same thing? No? Just me?

17. I should correct them.

18. Wait a bit. Maybe someone else will.

19. No one’s going to say anything? Oh well, it doesn’t make a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. Like I always say, pick your battles.

20. They told a joke, smile!

21. God, I hope that was a friendly smile, not a Joker smile.

22. Did anyone recoil in fear?

23. Nope. Still invisible. Cool. Cool cool cool.