23 Ways We Both Turned Our Love Toxic


  1. I was still holding onto a past war in my arms, and I never quite let it go, not even for you.
  2. I nurtured my demons more than I nurtured our love.
  3. You hated the way you glimpsed the women you loved before me once too often in my eyes, my hair, my manner.
  4. We ruined each other in unspeakable ways and called it love.
  5. We played hide and seek with our loyalties one too many times.
  6. One of us had a softer heart than the other.
  7. We took turns being the victim and the abuser.
  8. You kept planting flowers of hope inside me but then destroying them in your anger.
  9. I wore my temper like a natural disaster – quick and devastating.
  10. …and I always left you alone in the aftermath to pick up the pieces.
  11. We both walked into this thinking the other could heal us.
  12. I am beautiful broken but you thought fixing me would make me prettier.
  13. You chose me when you saw my hunger. My hunger never left us, no matter how much you fed me love.
  14. You loved me in a language I never took the time to learn.
  15. We weren’t meant to drag each other out of our own wreckage, yet we did it over and over again.
  16. Some loves were not planted in the right soil to grow.
  17. We turned our relationship into a burden that weighed us down instead of buoyed us up.
  18. We both tasted once too often of tragedy that we never spoke of.
  19. You eventually began to taste damage in my kisses.
  20. I became myself and you didn’t like her enough to stay.
  21. We had too many wounds from too many battles that had not healed right to make this work.
  22. We played keep away with our trust too often.
  23. In the end, there were no Gods to save us. We had killed them all.