24 Facts Of Life You Should Learn By 24


1. Friends are about quality, not quantity.

As kids, we always like to surround ourselves with friends – the more the merrier. We collect friends along the way and hanging out with the popular people in school seemed like a really good choice. But as we grow wiser, that’s pretty much not the case. You just need that few closer friends beside you, giving you that irreplaceable kind of moral support when you really need it. It will always be that few dear ones standing beside you during your toughest times.

2. There are those times when you are down, and it’s totally alright to feel that way.

Everyone feels differently and even the happiest person has their down times once in awhile. There were those periods where tears flow uncontrollably and that slowly become a breakdown. Feelings of worthlessness might kick in shortly after that. But what’s important is jumping back onto the bandwagon and not let those negative feelings rule you for too long a time. Once you get over that phase, I promise you that everything will fall back into the right place. It all starts with you.

3. Making better food choices is possible, without even trying all that hard.

One day without having the right amount of vegetables in my diet and feeling icky about myself. Nuff said.

4. Water is the best beverage on Earth.

#Lemonwater all day everyday. First beverage in the morning is always water, and it definitely makes the whole day better.

5. It is a must to to have a cup of coffee every morning.

After sipping that giant mug of lemon water in the morning, the next best thing that can ever happen is a cuppa joe. That fragrance of coffee beans perks me up instantly.

6. Your parents really love you.

I shall not get too personal just yet, but without their love and support, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

7. It’s not a bad thing if you have to ask for help once in awhile.

Not everyone will help you, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never meet those kind souls.

8. You have to work out if you want to be healthy.

Cardio might be the enemy, but that abundance of good vibes after every workout is too good to be true. That endorphin release really helps to combat a lot of my negativity at times.

9. Scented candles are necessary.

It’s a relatively affordable way of relaxation. I typically burn a candle for an hour and the scent lingers around for hours. Makes me feel good and relaxed. Tip: Sometimes I burn two different kind of candles at a time, let the two scents combine and surprise me. It’s always a pleasant one.

10. It is worth investing in plain, white t-shirts.

I have at least 5 different ones in my wardrobe and I wear them with absolutely EVERYTHING. They literally save my life when I’m in that “I have nothing to wear” phase.

11. You should always be sincere, even in emails.

To me, emails are like writing letters and I want to be real and sincere about everything I include in my emails.

12. You have to do what makes you happy.

So that’s how Basic Theory started. I might not be there yet in terms of my finances, but I’m happy and that gives me the motivation to work even harder.

13. It takes time.

Give it your best and one day you will realize that everything is worth it.

14. Love is simple.

Oh why do humans like to complicate things? I still believe in that pure kind of love and no, it’s not complicated at all. Love is that rawest feeling which is what makes it so amazing.

15. Politics are actually fascinating.

I don’t know why either. I don’t even like to watch the news, but somehow I just get it.

16. You should form your own opinions about political matters.

This is some sensitive topic but yes, you will listen, look and at the end, realize that you have your own thoughts and opinions about them not matter how uninterested you are.

17. You have to be really firm in what you want.

For the sake of Basic Theory and my own dreams

18. Trying out new things is an important part of life.

Get out of that comfort zone. You’ll never know what you are capable of.

19. Dogs are humans’ best friends.

I love you, Lucky. He made me realize that unconditional love really exists.

20. Age is really just a number.

Ten years ago, when I was 14, I thought I’d be a know-it-all adult when I turn 24. That’s not the case. I’m still as stubborn like a mule. At 24, I’m a curious kid at heart, and there are a lot of things that I’ve yet to learn because the world is amazing like that.

21. Your weight’s just a number, too.

If you pump in that workout regularly, eat the right food, feel positive (most of the time), you’re doing things right and if you really have that excess weight, if will come off eventually.

22. You never stop learning.

You learn from your everyday experiences, you get interest in different things as time goes by, you learn from the books you read. Gaining knowledge is a never-ending process, and learning new things make me feel great as a whole.

23. Social media accounts are just filtered versions of other peoples’ lives.

No one wants to tell people that they are going through difficult times, that they feel lost and confused, that they aren’t happy with their status quo.

24. Your life is yours. So, live well.

Not much explanation because I know you’ll get what I mean.