24 Jaden Smith Tweets That Will Make You Rethink Everything You Knew About Life


1. When he revealed where you lost your gloves:

2. When he solved everyone’s immigration debates: 

3. When he read everyone’s mid-afternoon thoughts.

4. …And their 2am thoughts.

5. When he cured everyone’s insomnia.

6. When his celebrity encounter beat yours. 

7. When he accurately predicted how often you think of Chipotle.

8. When he gave you all the answers you needed for your job interview.

9. When he wrote your wedding vows. 

 10. When he gave your self esteem a much-needed boost. 

11. …But like, still kept you grounded.

12. When he gave you the intervention that your friends couldn’t.

13. …And really made sure it stuck with you.

14. When he took a viral trend and made it a learning moment.

15. When he was truly on the forefront of fashion.

16. When he stressed the importance of fitness.

17. When he sat in for your therapist and was just as helpful.

18. When he mastered long distance relationships.

19. When he handled his haters like a pro. 

 20. When he gracefully accepted he was wrong.

 21. When he was a Grade A philosopher.

 22. When he refused to conform to the rest of society.

 23. When he saw past your tough exterior and straight into your soul.

24. Just…this.