24 Promises You Must Make Yourself And Your Soul In Order To Heal


I’m sorry I have driven you to this point. I’m sorry I have ignored you and was so scared of you all along. I’m sorry I never took the chance to know you. I’m sorry I thought that a boy’s love, admiration from a stranger, prideful remarks from my dad, a laugh from a joke, praise at work, or any other feeling could fill you up, for they were only temporary. I starved you and never fed you with a single thing you were looking for. I kept throwing garbage into you.

I’m sorry I have gone 25 years without listening. I’m sorry I never turned to you for help or advice. I’m sorry I never relied on you. I’m sorry I’ve hated you and drowned you with bad decisions. I never learned your lessons and repeatedly stabbed you with the same mistakes. I never took your advice or the instincts you were SHOUTING at me. I’m sorry I based my worth on what others said about me or what I perceived from them. Because you-you are the only one who defines what and who I am and I have never considered it until now.

From now on, I will listen and I’ll start with this:

1. I will fill you up with stories about strength through struggle.

2. I’ll pour diaries of people I admire, humorous memoirs, and theories about the universe into you.

3. I will paint pictures and words that are inspiring and uplifting.

4. I will let you shine.

5. I will stop being envious of others (when I can help it).

6. I will practice what I preach.

7. My words and thoughts and actions will be harmonious.

8. I will let go of what no longer belongs to me, and hope that those things find their place in this world, too.

9. I will nourish you with good food and take you on walks whenever I can.

10. I will let you rule me once in awhile, instead of my neurotic brain.

11. I will do what is best, not what is easy, and I will trust that you will always heal me when I hurt.

12. I won’t ask anyone a question before I ask myself.

13. I won’t keep suffocating you and I will let you grow.

14. I will be strong and enjoy my solitude.

15. I’ll be grateful for the Friday nights in making future plans and healing myself.

16. I’ll stop letting sadness take up so much space, and make room for funny stuff.

17. I can’t promise I won’t stop crying…but I can try to make more of them happy tears.

18. I’ll start finishing (or starting) projects that I know will be fulfilling.

19. I won’t be scared to travel (well I might be but I will do it anyways).

20. I will let the past be a chapter I don’t re-read every day, but instead be one that I reflect on once in awhile to see how far I’ve come.

21. I won’t hurt people because I am hurt. I will always say sorry first.

22. I will be grateful for people.

23. I will never give up hope.

24. I will stop taking away from you, and today I’ll start to give.