24 Signs You’re Already Hopelessly In Love With Her


1. No matter what the dating experts, internet, or pick-up artists tell you about ‘a girl needs to prove her value to you,’ you forget every bit of their advice when you’re with her.

2. You are eating off each other’s spoons.

3. You do all the gentlemanly things for her, like walking on the outside of the curb, pulling the chair and making sure she sat down comfortably before taking your seat. You do all these things not because they’re good manners, but because you want to.

4. You feel protective of her and it shows when you feel an indescribable need to hold her hand when both of you cross the road.

5. And you don’t let go of her hand after you’ve gotten to the other side.

6. You accompany her on errands and help her out, feeling no shame in doing so. And for some reason you’re very interested in the little things, like the brands and flavors she chooses, and why.

7. You don’t mind holding her things and standing outside dressing rooms. (And you secretly bring them close to your nose because they smell of her perfume.)

8. You like the smell of her perfume; but you also just love the smell of her sweat.

9. When you talk on the phone with her, you lose track of time until one of your phones needs a recharge, in which case, the other promptly calls back and the process repeats.

10. You willingly stay up at night texting when you should be sleeping or preparing for the next day. For some reason, exchanging sweet nothings with her feels much more important than stupid things like sleep and exams.

11. You text ‘good night’ and ‘sleep well’ a minimum of 5 times interlaced with smileys, at 3 A.M, before you finally sleep.

12. You have a nickname for her which would be inappropriate to speak in front of your common friends, lest they’d make fun of you.

13. You try to dress up the way she likes, just because her compliments make you feel on the top of the world.

14. Because she’s said that one shirt is ‘her favorite,’ and when you wear it, you’re sure the evening is going to be awesome.

15. On important occasions like interviews or test days, you write only with the pen that she lovingly gave you, which you consider as a good luck charm.

16. When going out in groups that include girls, in a setting where she’s not involved, you make it a point to wear something she picked out for you or gave you as a gift, out of everything else you could have worn. Just to tell the other girls in a strange way to stay away.

17. You discover things about yourself that you thought never existed; she brings out the best in you just by her words.

18. She inspires you to be a better man.

19. You’re addicted to those wonky sandwiches she prepares just for you, with a smiley face carved out of tomato ketchup. And you get pissed off the few times you need to share them with a third person.

20. You can’t bear the thought of her falling for someone else, and promptly push such thoughts out of your mind.

21. Even though she has her own car, you pretend it doesn’t exist when going out together; and insist on taking yours — or at the very least, you drive her car and she sits in the passenger seat. It feels like you’re responsible for her in a weird way.

22. You love the way she says certain routine words like “Duh,” and “What..” and secretly thank your stars every time you get to hear them from her lips. You’re totally convinced that no one can say them the way she does.

23. You think she has the sexiest, most feminine voice on the planet.

24. When you’re down sick, or can’t sleep due to a headache, the only words that can put you to sleep are hers. She has to be the last thought on your mind before you drift off.