24 Small Wins In Life


There is nothing quite like a mini win to brighten up your day. It could be a nice warm cup of Starbucks coffee or seeing your crush when you’re actually looking good. But the little things are usually the best ones.

Here are 24 small wins that just make life better!

1. Singing in your car alone. Everyone loves to turn up the radio, and belt out their favorite music, and there isn’t an environment better suited for a solo than your front seat (well, maybe the shower).

2. Opening the door to a happy and expectant animal companion. It is such a warm feeling to have the chance to pet a pooch that has been waiting for you all day long! His excitement picks you up even after the longest day! And it’s even been proven that petting a dog has great therapeutic side effects!

3. Seeing the look on someone’s face when you give them a really personalized present. It might have cost you zero dollars to acquire, but having that perfect little gift makes someone light up. I love the feeling of creating such joy.

4. Saying something with someone at the exact same time, especially if it is super odd, like “here come the worms” as you’re both standing on the balcony during a rainstorm.

5. Binging on Netflix. It is such a relaxing way to spend a day, recharging the batteries for the upcoming week. This one is particularly great for a rainy day.

6. Waking up to a heartwarming text message from a friend or significant other. Most times, having that morning boost gives you the energy to tackle the day!

7. A good, long hug when you’re stressed and on the brink of an emotional collapse. The warming, soothing feeling of someone’s arms around you just has a way of turning a day around.

8. Seeing a shooting star when you’re driving at night. It’s awesome to be surprised by a blazing streak of light in the sky. Plus, you get a free wish, and that’s just cool.

9. Spouting off a really witty retort when your nemesis comments on your questionable choice and seeing them sputter without an answer. It’s great to win a mental battle here and there, and there’s nothing like silencing your buddy with your witticisms.

10. Finding that $20 you put in your winter coat in the Spring. It’s fall and for the first time you’ve busted out your winter jacket. You check the pockets, and there is a 20 with a note saying, “Hey future Jackson, enjoy a round of drinks on me. Past Jackson.”

11. Getting an actual letter in the mail from someone. It’s all bills and emails and social media these days. Who can not jump up and down when they receive that letter from a real human!

12. Not being able to find a single thing on TV and then stumbling on to a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family. Bonus points if you catch a movie right at the beginning!

13. The cold deliciousness that is a cup of water the morning after a night on the town.

14. The moment when you climb into bed the day of doing laundry. It has clean sheets, a fresh smell, and the bed is made up so nice and tight that you can’t help but feel like a little kid again!

15. Catching the lights on your way through the city. There is nothing worse than sitting at red lights on the way home from work. There is also nothing better than catching them all.

16. Speaking of vehicular wins, it’s the best when you’re trying to find a parking spot, and you can pull through the pair of lanes. Now you don’t have to back out, and the mini win is sure to cause a jumping heel click.

17. That moment when a random stranger compliments you on something in your attire. It’s so gratifying to receive this type, because it’s genuine, surprising, and flattering! Talk about a day brightener.

18. The moment you start to pee when you’ve been holding it for hours. I don’t know if this applies for girls, but there are times when I need to urinate where the ten seconds I’m trying to get my belt and zipper undone seem like an hour. But the feeling when you unleash the whiz falls short of only the orgasm and sneeze on best bodily functions list.

19. I don’t know about you, but when someone says to me, “You just made my day,” I get that same feeling. It makes my day to make someone else happier.

20. Opening the refrigerator and actually seeing something you want to eat. Instead of just a meaningless, monotonous display of the things no one wants to consume, you’re lucky enough to find half a chocolate cake on the first shelf with a note from your roommate saying, enjoy!

21. Being the first person in line when a new cashier comes up and saving ten minutes on your shopping run. This is especially awesome when the person in front of you has about $300 in groceries and you’re just getting two loaves of bread and a gallon of milk.

22. Putting on a pair of sweatpants that just came out of the dryer. It is like sliding into a warm cloud of awesome, especially on that dreary Saturday afternoon.

23. Waking up in the morning, turning over, and seeing that you still have an hour before your alarm clock is going to go off. I can’t describe the joy that is an extra hour of sleep!

24. Bacon.