24 Things Girls Who Have (Regrettably) Dated Horrible Men Know To Be True


Here are the 5 kinds of horrible men you’ll date, and what you’ll learn from each one.

Type #1 The Bad Boy or as I like to call him “The Lost Cause”

• You can only love someone so much without hurting yourself.
• There is never a good reason for someone to lie to you. Ever.
• Love should never feel panicked and rushed. You shouldn’t feel like you’re having to race the clock when you love someone.

Type #2 The “Momma’s Boy”

• I actually hate that I’m calling you a “Momma’s Boy” because it kind of sounds like I’m insulting your mom when she was in fact, fabulous. It was the side of you that she never saw that was her downfall.
• Pay attention to the way a boy treats his parents, his friends, and even his acquaintances. Note that these are all different sides of him, be prepared to experience them all.
• If a boy ever hits you, leave. But do not leave quietly. Leave running and screaming and make sure that everyone knows who he is and what he did. It’ll eat at you for months afterwards if you don’t.
• He will not change. You are not the only girl that he is going to do that to. It isn’t your fault just as it isn’t her fault. He will make you feel like it is. You will make yourself feel like you are at fault. I promise you, you aren’t.

Type #3 The Boy I Couldn’t Love

• You can tell if you will ever be able to love someone after six months. No, this doesn’t mean you will love them after six months, but you will definitely know if you are incapable of loving them.
• Sometimes you will hurt people when you are healing.
• Rebound is a real thing, avoid it at all costs.
• You should never feel guilty for saying “no”.
• Friend love with never be real love no matter how much you wish you could make it be.

Type #4 The Asshole or “Fuckboy”

• I have dated boys that actually hit me across the face, but you were somehow the worst.
• If a boy continues to comment on your friend’s appearance he’s a fuckboy and he’s only going to get worse from there. I promise you this.
• A boy that spends more time on twitter than with his own family or friends is probably going to screw you over.
• If he doesn’t want a relationship, leave. He’ll probably never change and he’ll only continue to make you unhappy.
• Sometimes being treated badly makes you have more intense feelings for someone. I call this the “fuckboy cheat”. Boys will use this to their advantage. It encourages them to treat you worse because even though you have a negative response at first, you will soon be blinded by “love” and the desire to be loved by such a broken individual.
• If he doesn’t know how to properly “date” a girl, he’s never going to learn how to have a proper relationship. It’s not worth your time. Some people aren’t ready to grow up.

Type #5 The Good Guy:

• I think a piece of me will always love you. I think a piece of me always has.
• If you have a friend that you talk to through all hours of the night and share everything with, you should probably consider investing in that. You will find the best kind of love there.
• Love is never convenient, but real love is always worth the struggle.
• The best kind of love isn’t the love that is never challenged or doubted and the best kind of love isn’t a relationship with no arguments.
• Nothing is permanent. Love is there to help you grow, not hold you down and anyone that doesn’t understand that isn’t right for you.
• Sometimes love feels like home and sometimes it feels like anything but. You will need to run sometimes. I suggest getting a dog.