24 Things I Still Don’t Know How To Do At 24


1. How to keep my mouth shut when it’s incredibly necessary to do so.

2. How to not freak out at least once a week about my future.

3. How to scroll through Instagram and not be incredibly jealous of those people with their abs and beautiful boyfriends.

4. How to cook something that isn’t pasta or microwavable burritos.

5. How to like seafood.

6. How to nurse a hangover.

7. How to walk in heels and feel no pain for the majority of the night.

8. How to not have my heart stop when someone texts me, ‘we need to talk’.

9. How to not stalk my ex every few months or so. You know, just to make sure they are doing ok.

10. How to tip someone without pulling out my phone calculator first.

11. How to survive a day without at least two cups of coffee.

12. How to enjoy exercise. (Someone please tell me your secret)

13. How to touch the tip of my toes with my fingers without bending my knees.

14. How to stop biting my nails.

15. How to comprehend that Donald Trump is the PRESIDENT.

16. How to not get pissed off when people walk super slowly directly in front of me.

17. How to think of a life without my parents and my sister.

18. How to picture my life without taking my anxiety medication.

19. How to look at myself in the mirror and 100% be ok with my flaws.

20. How to not feel like I’m dying if I don’t get 7 hours of sleep in a night.

21. How to stand up for myself when people treat me terribly.

22. How to drive through rain without having a mild panic attack because HYDROPLANING IS A THING.

23. How to load the dishwasher like my dad wants me too.

24. How to not beat myself up after I’ve made a mistake.