24 Things You’ll Have To Get Used To When You Date A Girl With A Dog


A girl with a dog is a different breed of woman; they are more independent, active, loyal, and have huge hearts. For them, you won’t be the center of her world, you will just join her world- the world she has with her dog. Here are 24 things that happen when you begin to date a girl with a dog:

1. On your first date, or even first conversation, there’s a good chance she will mention her dog.

2. You notice that 50-75% of her instagram is her dog; you find it cute.

3. As you get to know her, she will start sending you pictures of her dog, because, everything he does is adorable to her.

4. Her best judge of character isn’t her friends or family- it’s her dog- so, you better hope he likes you.

5. Whenever you go to her house there will always be at least one dog toy out.

6. No matter how tired she is, as soon as she walks into the house and sees that adorable dog greet her, she will muster energy to play with him.

7. She will love alone time with you, but in the back of her mind, she’s wondering if “he’s okay” (obviously, he is).

8. There will come a time where the dog will have to be disciplined, and she will hate doing it, but just be there for her when she has to ignore “the face” he’s giving her from the corner.

9. If her dog scrapes his paw, or is any sort of pain, you will see it on her face, and you will want to do anything to help him, because of your feelings for her.

10. She is easily distracted by her dog, but, it wont annoy you.

11. You know her dog knows all her secrets, and you begin to wish he would tell you how she really feels about you.

13. She will fiercely defend all her dogs’ quirks, (like, the fact that he barks at thunder and is scared of certain toys) and, you will love the loyalty that it displays.

14. Movie nights at her place will never be just the two of you- and, the three of you will eventually find the perfect way to cuddle on the full size bed.

15. At some point in your day, you will find one of his hairs on you, and you smile because a little piece of them is with you.

16. You start to fall in love with not just her, but with her dog too.

17. You start to come up with dates that all three of you can do.

18. You know that she is never alone, and that thought comforts you when you’re away.

19. You find yourself taking pictures of them together; because, there’s no bigger or more beautiful smile than the one she wears when she’s with the two of you.

20. When you bring her gifts, you also bring her dog one too: that small gesture will melt her heart.

21. You know that she loves you, but you’re also comfortable and okay with the fact that she loves her dog more.

22. When she starts to feel a future with you, she will refer to you as “daddy” (i.e.- “Daddys coming over! or, “look what daddy bought you!)

23. She begins to trust you to walk her dog, or take her dog in the car with you.

24. Eventually, you realize that, now, you’re a part of their pack; a fiercely loyal, and close knit, unit. She will protect you, love you unconditionally, and cherish all her moments with you. And, that thought will be your most comforting- because, there is no one more loyal, or loving, than a girl who has a dog.