24 Ways To Get Out Of Your Mind And Out Into The World


It’s easy to get stuck in our heads; to let our thoughts completely consume us. But thoughts only stick around for as long as we allow them to.

Instead, get out of your head and out into the world. Replace ruminating thoughts with physical activities that will refocus your mind and help you feel better.

1. Watch a sunset from the most beautiful view in your city. 

2. Go to a cafe and people watch while sipping on an oat milk latte.

3. Visit a local animal rescue and help walks some pups. 

4. Spend the morning at a bookstore; venturing through worlds within the many books.

5. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. And yes, call. Don’t text.

6. Get your hands dirty planting some flowers or herbs. 

7. Finally learn how to play that guitar that’s been collecting dust in your living room. 

8. Bake some cookies and deliver them to your neighbors; strike up a conversation even.

9. Go for a stroll through your neighborhood. Discover hidden gems you never knew existed.

10. Volunteer your skills. Teach others your expertise.

11. Go for a hike and breathe some fresh air.

12. Find a thrift store and search for a great vintage tee or vinyl you’ve never heard of. 

13. Take a yoga class at your local studio. Get to know someone that works there or the person next to you in class.

14. Walk through a park and take photos of little things you find beautiful. 

15. Make plans with that person you really like hanging out with, but never see. 

16. Color a picture. Just like you did when you were a kid.

17. Go outside and walk barefoot on the grass.

18. Go for a swim. In the ocean. In the pool. Wherever you can.

19. Give your mom or grandmother a call. Ask them a story about when they were your age.

20. Take a warm shower and enjoy the feeling of the water rolling down your skin.

21. Dance in the rain. Literally.

22. Visit a local museum. Let your eyes experience something new.

23. Lay on the ground and watch the clouds float by. 

24. Sit outside at night and look at the moon. Contemplate how we fit into this vast universe.