25 Little Things Everyone In Their Mid-20s Needs To Hear Right Now


There’s a lot of talk about how adolescence can be a confusing time, a lot of greys, a lot of ambiguity. Someone ought to have said that the same applies to the late twenties of your existence but with all of the problems amplified and plenty of other considerations thrown in because, well, now you’re a grown up. As you navigate through what now most are calling a quarter life crisis you come face to face with certain facts, some you stumble upon, some you begrudgingly acknowledge and others hit you right in the face!


Ambition and life rarely follow the same time line.


You can actually do without a lot of things you previously thought were indispensable to your way of life.


Money does matter. It certainly isn’t everything but it goes a long way in providing you with a lot of things. Nothing and nobody survives on love and fresh air.


Chances are those you love the most will also be the ones you disappoint or hurt the most.


Money is better off in your savings account than hanging in your closet. The opposite is only true if you are Carrie Bradshaw and none of us are.


Your age is inversely proportional to your rate of metabolism, and what’s more, it shows!


You have learnt to let go of people even if we might have been inordinately fond of them at some point in our lives.


Living up to anyone else’s expectations save yours is taxing and leaves you bitter at the end of it.


Having a flatmate is far more preferable than having a roommate. You are past the point where you can put up with anybody else’s living habits. We are sharing space with people throughout the day as it is -work space, lunch space, elevator bathroom space. We want that one space that is entirely ours.


You’ve reached a point where you are interested rarely and bored easily hence a man/woman with drive, goals and varied interests beat vapid beings with good looks, swag and the attention span of a two year old, hands down any day.


Going out for a meal or movie all by your self is no longer daunting, if anything it’s refreshing, just you and your bowl/plate of bliss.


Numerous trials and many a faux pas later you’ve reached a point where personal style and comfort trump fashion trend.


You prefer catching up with a few close friends rather than an entourage of acquaintances.


…And at times even those are dropped in favour o yourself, wine, a duvet and Netflix.


Acne won’t leave you and fine lines will be making an appearance.


The best beauty products are to be found in your kitchen cupboard.


You love our heels as much but Friday night about town in a pair of those beauties has lost its appeal or for that matter, Friday night out itself too.


The instant gratification that comes with credit card usage is followed by prolonged guilt almost always.


For those who have taken the trip down the aisle; your biological clock says yes but your head and savings account say no.


Salaries will not be a reflection of market prices. In theory putting away 10 per cent of your salary seems the way to go but expenses don’t agree.


On that note; all of us wanted to buy a house or at least put down our first instalment towards one sometime between 26 and 30. The news is that most in our generation will not be able to afford our own roof.


You are as committed to your diet as to your New Year resolutions, that is, either doesn’t last the year because very few things look as good as triple cheese macaroni tastes.


One of the few advantages of age is that you develop a thick skin. Snide remarks, double edged compliments all slide like water off a duck’s back. You’ve left the petty behind, at least most of it.


Whether you like to admit it or not, the older you get the more you miss home.


You are also likely to find that along the way you have idiosyncrasies, mannerisms, habits, routines that are disconcertingly similar to that of one of your parents or both.