25 Little Things That Give Us Big Smiles


1. Your coffee comes exactly as you like it, with the precisely right ratio of cream to sugar.

2. You make all the stop lights when you’re in a hurry.

3. You come back from the bathroom at a restaurant and your delicious meal is already at the table.

4. Waking up thinking you have to get up and go to work, but it’s a Saturday.

5. Having a truly problem-free flying experience.

6. Flicking through the channels on an otherwise boring night and a movie you love, but would never think to watch, is just starting.

7. Arriving at the subway station right on time to catch both your trains, original and transfer.

8. Driving through a crowded parking lot and finding yourself right behind someone in the first spot who is just leaving.

9. Waking up in the middle of the night and seeing it’s 3:00am and you still have a few hours to sleep.

10. Finding out they are bringing back one of your favorite cancelled TV shows.

11. Checking your bank account the morning after a long, crazy night out and discovering you only spent $30.

12. Finding money in your coat pocket from last year.

13. Snapping a good photograph of everyone in the picture on the first try.

14. Getting out of a traffic ticket.

15. Saying the exact retort you want, at the exact moment you want to say it, instead of thinking of it after. I call these “Drop the mic” moments.

16. A nice cashier says “I can take you over here” as you approach a long line at a register.

17. A song perfectly fitting your mood comes on the radio or your playlist.

18. Realizing you’ve thought of a truly perfect gift for someone.

19. Cooking a steak to a restaurant-perfect medium rare.

20. Realizing you’ve put together the absolute perfect outfit for an occasion.

21. That moment when, while hanging out with a new acquaintance, you both realize you’re actually going to be great friends.

22. Hitting a stride in a workout where you feel so good/strong that it feels like you could knock out John Cena.

23. Seeing that the weather is going to be absolute perfection for an outdoor event.

24. The moment of excitement after you’ve just booked a vacation to somewhere you’ve wanted to go for as long as you can remember.

25. Laughing so hard that you can’t catch your breath at something that is probably only funny to you and maybe one other person.

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