25 Little Things To Feel Happy About


It’s hard to be thankful for the little things these days. We’re in the mindset of constantly trying to impress others and having others constantly trying to impress us. A normal day, hour, or minute on social media consists of one friend’s pictures of their vacation in Mexico, another’s announcement about landing their dream job, and somebody’s photo of their impressive, fancy city apartment. You can’t even take a break from it all when you’re in the bathroom – because what’s a good poop without scrolling through your Instagram feed?

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with how much more awesome everybody else’s life seems that we forget there are so many amazing things surrounding us every minute. You just have to remember to think small sometimes. Think small enough to realize how many tiny, wonderful things surround you every day. Here are 20 of the best, little things.

1. Lighting a seasonal candle for the first time in your apartment. 

2. Putting on your pajamas after a long day at work. 

3. When you’ve started a new book and you’re already into it by page 10. 

4. When you get an unexpected text from a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, and it’s not because they need something.

5. When you’ve found an amazing new show to binge watch on Netflix. 

6. When the sun is out, even if it’s chilly.

7. When there’s a thunderstorm and you’re laying in your warm bed. 

8. Opening your fridge after you’ve recently went grocery shopping (I’m looking at you, gallon of Simply Orange that I’m going to drink in under 24 hours).

9. When you and your roommates accidentally spend an hour watching hilarious YouTube videos together.

10. Remembering that you have leftovers from a restaurant waiting for you at home.

11. Chocolate. No need to be specific here… just be happy about the fact that it’s a thing. 

12. When perfect timing occurs during any method of transportation – arriving just in time for your train, making a bunch of green lights on your drive to work, or having the perfect song come on your iPod while you’re walking to your destination.

13. When you’re listening to the A*Teens on Spotify but no one knows your secret because you have headphones. 

14. When someone brings free food into the office. 

15. Free samples being given away at the grocery store. 

16. When they start using the Christmas cups at Starbucks. Even if it is only November 1st. 

17. Pulling warm clothes out of the dryer. 

18. When you remember that Avril Lavigne married the guy from Nickelback. 

19. When you open your fridge the morning after a night out and you discover that your Brita is full of ice-cold water.

20. The existence of cats. 

21. When you buy seedless grapes and they are ACTUALLY seedless.

22. When you hit the elevator button and the elevator is right there and you have it all to yourself. 

23. Getting something in the mail that’s from a real person and not a credit card company. 

24. When you think you’re going to be late for work and then you’re not.

25. When you finally break in your new pair of shoes and they no longer give you blisters.