25 Movies To Get Together And Watch This Halloween If You Want To Freak Your Friends Out


Terrify your friends by inviting them over to watch these intense movies, suggested by Ask Reddit.

1. The Fourth Kind

“They use a bunch of ‘found footage.’ If you read the Wikipedia article about the movie, the ‘found footage’ is all doctored, but it freaked me out enough to swear off horror movies.” — pcon258

2. Saw

That scene had me literally just out of my chair and start yelling on the TV. Never has a twist fucked with my head that much.” — nedjeffery

3. Sinister

“The movie’s soundtracks are fucking amazing and so disturbing.. To me the music/sound effects does half the work in a horror movie.” — Lar0xyl

4. Gerald’s Game

“That ending fuck me up, I had nightmares as a 27 year old about it. That one and the final handcuff scene… I love horror movies but both of those especially and pretty much the whole movie just messed with me.

Stephen King is a bizarre individual.” — lalalola89

5. The Mothman Prophecies

“I still can’t have my blinds open at night.” — omg_ranchdoritos

6. The Fly

“The Fly with Jeff Goldblum.

I was expecting a goofy fly head on a man’s body….instead I got Jeff Goldblum slowly rotting to death, with teeth falling out and the acid vomit.

That movie is so fucking disturbing but I still love it, it’s a great horror movie.” — redengine78

7. The Ring

“That movie ruined my sleep for a good six months. I had a TV in my room and always expected that creepy shit to crawl out. It was also one of the first films I ever saw in which the scary thing came around in broad daylight. Even the sun didn’t keep me safe anymore.” — jsemrachel

8. The Mummy

“SPOILERS: Most of it was cool, but the bits where the mummy assimilates people’s flesh, and the archeologist dude who loses his eyes… scarred me for a good few months. Thank fuck we had a cat, she was my only hope.” — sashafurgang

9. Mirrors

“SPOILERS: the fucking scene where the reflection makes her rip her jaw apart in the bath fucked me up. It’s one of my worst fears now.” — SirMaamDude722

10. Event Horizon

“Just imagine if they added the deleted murder orgy that Anderson had to cut out. Sadly we’ll never know since the footage is lost.” — John_Dee_007

11. Nightmare On Elm Street

“I watched the whole thing, but the concept that someone in your nightmares could physically kill you was terrifying to me. I didn’t want to go to sleep because I was afraid I would dream of Freddy. I felt like I wasn’t safe awake or asleep. Wooo it was awful. Somehow I got over it though.” — jenn_nic

12. One Hour Photo

“One Hour Photo, starring Robin Williams fucking terrified me when I was younger. No idea why parents watched it with kids present.” — thatoneguyovertheres

13. Paranormal Activity

“The first Paranormal Activity movie freaked me out so bad. The part where you can hear a real loud growl coming from down stairs scared the crap out of me. That night when I went to get my cat had snuck into my room with me and i didn’t know it. I seen its tail go around the side of my bed, freaked out and thought it was a demon, and cried until my mom got up to check on me. I was like 10.” — Blankspace97

14. Insidious

“I couldn’t hear my scream because my buddy was screaming right next to me, we were both clutching each other in terror.” — Cthulia

15. A Serbian Film

“My soul felt dirty.” — Phate4569

16. Perfect Blue

“Not in the scared sense of being freaked out, but it leaves you with a really uneasy dissacociated feeling.” — adams_things

17. The Strangers

“I didn’t realize that I had a ‘home invasion‘ fear until I watched that movie… not to mention, we had a big picture window in our living room at the time. I REFUSED to have the curtains open when it got dark.

Fuck that. Fuck that straight to hell.” — underdog_rules

18. Blair Witch Project

“Like a lot of ghost stories, this one’s easy to laugh off when you’re in a brightly lit place, surrounded by friends and lights and comfort.

But like all the best ghost stories, this one feels a lot different when you’re out in the woods. Especially at night, when everything is quiet and still, doubt begins to soak in to your certainty about how real or fake it was, and fear begins gnawing away your confidence.” — EyeballHeadedDandy

19. Requiem For A Dream

“This one rattled me for a long time. It isn’t any easier on a re-watch either.” — mattc_

20. Mulholland Drive

“Didn’t even watch the whole movie, I just saw a video of the creepy hobo scene. That whole scene is just amazing at creeping you the fuck out.” — disashyk

21. Signs

“I was in like 4th or 5th grade when I watched it at a friends house. Now I’m 25 and I still have nightmares about it. It is still the most terrifying movie I have ever seen.” — Sammylikesthings 

22. The Conjuring

“I remember my little brother got up in the middle of the night to get water. I was in a sleep haze and literally thought some voodoo shit was going on.” — CatheterC0wb0y

23. Silence Of The Lambs

“The first time I saw Silence of the Lambs. Ever since I have always thought you just never, ever know what is hidden in some houses. That pit in Buffalo Bill’s basement freaked me out completely.” — Starksista

24. Gone Girl

“One of my favorite movies but fuck me that shit was disturbing.” — Shout_

25. Coraline

“Honestly, I’ve found that it gets scary in a different way as you get older. It’s more terrifying now psychologically, especially in the book where Coraline’s friend (I forget his name) doesn’t exist and she’s just totally on her own. That sense of powerlessness against the all-powerful, sociopathic other mother and the thought of having your loved ones stolen from you horrifies me more than just her creepy ass hands horrified me as a kid.” — rrsn