25 People Discuss The Unexplainable, Unsolved Mystery In Their Personal Life


These true stories from Ask Reddit will screw with your head.

1. I woke up to see blood splattered on the wall

“When I was 12 I woke up and saw blood splattered on the wall next to my head. At first I thought it was just a nosebleed in my sleep (used to get them a lot when I was that age) but there was no blood on me anywhere nor any indications of a nosebleed.” — CombustibleMeow

2. Some psychopath copied Pretty Little Liars and tortured our friend group

“My junior year of high school (I’m a college freshman now), someone decided to go all Pretty Little Liars on my friend group, and we all got anonymous Instagram messages threatening to ruin our social lives in order to get us to drive our (depressed) friend to the point of killing herself by cutting her off. We talked to teachers, counselors… nobody could help without knowing who the person was. We tried tracking down the IP address but couldn’t. It was a terrifying few months. We still don’t know who it was. Our best guess is it was our depressed friend, in an attempt to cut ties with us so she didn’t have anything left to live for and could die without guilt. However, that’s just us guessing. Nothing was ever truly figured out, they just eventually stopped.

Thankfully, our friend is still alive, and doing okay.” — barricadeaddict

3. I woke up with three gashes in my arm and no memory of how they got there

“I once woke up with three small circular gashes in my arm. All the same size, all equidistant.

When I woke up the door was locked and nothing was out of the ordinary. I spent a lot of time searching my room for something that could’ve made them but had no luck.

At first I wanted to accuse my brother but quickly came to the conclusion that he was 5 and had slept in my parents’ bed that night. They also slept with their door locked, and he wouldn’t have been able to reach the lock at that age.

11 years later and it’s still a mystery.” — baneofmyself 

4. My childhood friend disappeared into thin air — and everyone acts like she never existed

“There was this girl Rachel that I had a huge crush on a few years older than me. Nothing ever happened because I was chicken shit, but she moved across the country after my freshman year. Early the next year, I meat her half sister (same age) and half brother (my age), and I’m still friends with them today (almost 20 years later) but they will not talk about her. At first they dodged the subject, now they’re just like, ‘who?’ Like she never existed. I can find nothing online except a YT video of a high school production of Hello Dolly with her name in the cast from the year she moved to that city, so she existed, but there is nothing else. Super weird.” — VoxDraconae 

5. His cause of death was spontaneous human combustion

“My wife’s grandfather is one of the few known, legitimate victims of spontaneous human combustion. His bones were found in the center of his burned bed, there were signs of smoke around all the windows in the house, things around his room were melted from the heat. However, nothing other than his bed showed any signs of actually being burnt. It’s crazy.” — Bearded_Wildcard

6. No one believes me, but I see visions of the future

“Might sound fucking crazy, and I really don’t care if anyone believes me, but I get these “visions” of the future. It’s only ever a completely irrelevant image in my dreams that has no context or explanation. I never see any faces and it’s usually of some scenery.

So far, I’ve seen like a dozen of them and every single one of them, I have eventually ran into the exact same imagery in the future of my own life. I always see them in real life, never in an online picture.

Most memorable one is one of a classroom layout. The lights were off, and there was one window with blinds showing a very specific scenery with a very specific layout. Saw that during High School and it messed with me. Nothing significant ever happens when I see these in real life. These ‘visions’ are always different from dreams as it’s just one still image for a long period of time, like I am locked into one position and can only move my eyes.

I used to get them more frequently, but they recently died down. I’ve always wondered if it’s just my brain seeing random images and I just connect the two together because they look similar, or if it’s something else. I don’t believe in paranormal activity, but the images I see are way too detailed and specific for it to be a pure coincidence sometimes.” — Chaipod

7. I stumbled across my doppelgänger at a local grocery store — and then never saw him again

“I once saw a cashier at my local supermarket, that looked oddly like me. I had a strong, nagging feeling that I somehow knew him fairly well, but I ignored it.

That was until I went to pay and he looked at me, squinted his eyes and asked me if we knew each other. I told him that I felt the same and we just sorta stood there, staring at each other, trying to figure out what the fuck was happening. Same build, hair, glasses, age… We ended up agreeing that we had no clue, I paid and went on with my life…

Never saw him again, even though I visited that specific supermarket multiple times afterwards…

Spooky, weird, wholesome. It still baffles me to this day.” — foreskin_fart

8. A floating light visited me in my bedroom and then shot back into the sky

“When I was 13, I was awakened by a light coming outside of my window. It was small, maybe a little larger than a softball. I got up and looked out the window and from what i could tell it was just floating there. I wasn’t scared or nervous just very curious. I thought maybe one of my friends was trying to pull a prank or something. I decided to go out back and see what it was and all I saw was a spherical ball of light… floating in front of my window. I walked towards it to get a closer inspection but as soon as i took a step in its direction it shot up into the sky. I wasn’t dreaming. I never went back to sleep that night. It was really odd but i never felt scared.” — phileo56 

9. My deceased father left me a sign that he was still there

“When I was 14 my dad bought me a necklace with a jeweled heart charm. It was very sparkly. A few months later my dad suffered a brain aneurism and was in the hospital.

My sister and I had to come home early from his house. I had the necklace on and went to take it off in my room. I dropped it. I couldn’t see where it fell. I ran my hands all over the carpet (which was light tan so the necklace should have been visible), looked under my dresser, even vacuumed my room…and nothing. Couldn’t find it anywhere.

Three days later my dad died in the hospital. I hadn’t been home at all because we stayed at my grandparents. The day he died was the first day I went home and into my room. My door was closed, no one had been in since I had last looked for my necklace.

I remember having tears in my eyes as I opened my bedroom door and a shiny gleam of light went into my eye. I immediately saw the necklace on the middle of the carpet right where I had dropped it. I always thought it was a sign from him.” — phantom_unicorn

10. I teleported from one place to another without even trying

“About 9 years ago, I headed into work on a normal day. My commute was somewhere around 70 miles, so a majority of my travel was on the turnpike. From home, I would take some backroads to the turnpike, then getting off the turnpike onto a state road with traffic lights for about a 10-15 minute ride to work.

I had a habit of checking the time at certain checkpoints along the route to see if I was going to be late. On this one particular day, I got to work early. Very early. At least 20 minutes early. I cut 20 minutes off my hour-and-a-half long ride. I was new at work and did not have any keys to get into the office. My first co-worker showed up, remarking that I was here early, and all I could do was nod in agreement.

I could not remember the past hour of driving at all. But I still remembered one of my checkpoints, and nothing was out of the ordinary time-wise.

So I sat at my desk and started figuring out some mathematics. I came to the conclusion that I had teleported from somewhere on the turnpike to the parking lot at work. Because there was no way I had traveled roughly 30 miles at an average 120mph through a tollbooth and highway with traffic lights. The only evidence against this conclusion is that I did not have the turnpike ticket (so I had in fact paid at the toll booth). So I have no idea what happened that day.” — thelostsoul622

11. My father murdered my mother without a reason why

“What set my father over the edge from domestic violence to murder. I know my dad killed my mom but not why. No one knows why.

That reason died with him while he was in prison.” — dinosaregaylikeme

12. We saw an unknown, glowing object hovering above the ground

“I was five or six years old we were living on my grandparents property, up a small hill. My parents and I had stayed out late at my grandparents place and we walking back to ours. When we arrived, there was a weird glowing object hovering in our backyard. My mother and I looked on from a window and my father went towards it. After that its kind of a blur, but the imagery has stuck with me for 25 years.” — QuantumQuery

13. I saw my grandfather in the flesh after he had already passed away

“My grandpa died before I was born and I’ve seen some pictures of him.From what I’d gathered he wore suits,coats was slim and had white hair. Now to the actual story: When i was 10 yrs old I went in the bus my mom and saw an elder man that was looking at me directly in the eyes.It was a familiar face and then I said to my mom he looked a lot like my grandpa. He wore a grey suit, a coat and I think a rain coat. The elder was keeping his balance although the bus was moving and drifting. One thing I will not forget is his face. He looked straight into me. His eyes were empty and his face pale. The whole memory is generally creepy. My mom confirmed the story and said that he indeed acted and looked like grandpa. The energy and the connection that I felt is to this day unexplainable.” — coughsyrypbby

14. I found a puddle of blood in front of my bedroom door

“There was this one time where I woke up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and in front of my door was this football sized blood puddle. I was alone that night, with no wounds, and my pets were all inside my flat – none of which were missing or wounded. My windows were closed, so my cat would not have been able to catch something outside and eat it in front of my door.” — Satalix

15. My sister and I experienced physical pain at the exact same time

“My and my sister’s hearts started hurting at the same time.

I know because we were walking next to each other and suddenly for the first (and hopefully last) time in my life I had gotten heart/chest pain so bad I thought I was going to go right then and there. Then when it was over about 3 seconds later my sister said, ‘Oh shit my heart just hurt real bad.’ It was the first time a pain like this happened to her as well. What could be the explanation for this?” — Grx

16. We spotted an animal as large as a human that ran on two legs

“What the fuck was that hunch backed thing running through the bushes while my friends and I were walking in a dried river at 1:00 am when we were kids?

This happened about 10 years ago when I was around 12 in Tucson Arizona. In all my life, I have never seen any large wild animal in this river (usually rattlesnakes and hares, but even those were very rare to see) and its probably because it is surrounded by houses, stores, traffic, etc. Anyways, my friends and I always liked to take our toy guns and play in the river late at night because the water it used to have carves out caves and holes in the dirt, and we would set up little camps in them. One night when we were out playing, we were all walking up the base of this hill that was near the center of the river. At the top it had bushes and I said, ‘Hey! I’m going to go pee over there’ to my friends and right after I said that this figure appeared and ran through the bushes and down the side of the hill. Now, the weird part is that it ran like a chimp does with it’s back hunched over, its arms out in front and was making this quiet grunting sound. It also had this sort of hop as it ran, very similar to a chimp. Some here said it was a cat or maybe a dog, but it couldn’t be because it was big enough to be a man and it ran on 2 legs. It’s possible that it was a homeless guy, but why would a homeless guy hangout in the middle of a piece of desert with no tent, blanket or sleeping bag like most in this city do? After we ran off back to my friend’s house, we decided to go back and investigate. We found nothing that would indicate a homeless person was here, unless the dude just likes to lay on dirt with prickly bushes. Till this day we occasionally bring it up and don’t know what it could be.” — MotorCookie

17. I was saved from death by a disembodied voice

“I’m crossing the street to go home, and everything turns blue, like a blue lens over a camera, and time basically stops. All I hear is a female voice saying, ‘Stop! Don’t move!’ And everything returns to normal, while I’m still standing there in shock. A box truck flies past me at 60 miles per hour. Had that not happened, I would have been hit and killed on the spot. I don’t know what fucking happened, nor do I know how.” — Tehsyr

18. In my dreams, I took a trip to hell

“In college I had a dream one night that my dad and I went to hell, we didn’t suffer and it wasn’t even a nightmare, it was just a pleasant trip down there. When I woke up, I felt something in my bed, it was a piece of metal that I didn’t recognize as anything, asked my friends that live around my room if they knew what it was, none of them did, finally figured out it was a lighter, looked up the serial number on it and it turned out to be and WW2 era Austrian Zippo (you can buy them cheap on Amazon). Later on I showed it to my dad, and he said my grandfather had on just like it. I still don’t know where it came from or how it got in my bed.”  — dannykings37

19. Someone placed a fake phone call about my friend being brutally attacked

“Once when we were both about 13 my best friend was having a sleepover at my house (a common occurrence) and we had the camping tent set up in the backyard for whatever reason, so we decided to go sleep in there. Her mom showed up in their pickup truck all freaked out, and because we were in the backyard she ended up talking to my parents in the house first. It turned out someone had called her (this was before cell phones and before caller ID) pretending to be my friend, mentioning her name, crying and insisting that she had been raped and asking to come get her. Her sister had a good alibi (though I don’t remember what it was), and there wasn’t anyone else who knew she was visiting that night. To this day I wonder who the fuck made that call.” — ephemeral-person

20. I can’t figure out what caused my mother’s death

“Why exactly my mother died. The doctors said to me, keep in mind I was 11, that at some point her brain stopped telling her lungs to breathe and her heart to beat correctly making her lose consciousness. I called 911 because she was turning red and having trouble standing, by the time I connected she was on the ground not responding. Her heartbeat was erradict when EMS came but they couldn’t get back with the defibrillator until they got to the hospital. They said it wasn’t a heart attack or stroke but they could only tell us what it wasn’t. After 2 weeks of being in a coma we took her off life support. She wasn’t in the best shape but did run a marathon a year before and was constantly moving and only 37.

I don’t have the sense of time correct but EMS quickly walked in the house saw her upstairs then had her out in the ambulance in 5 minutes after they saw her. Even though I hate the memory looking back I do appreciate how they acted because at the time I was upset they left wrappings and packages every where and broke our screen door. Still I was young enough to be relieved they were bringing her to the hospital so quick, I thought it was a good thing.

I at least want to know why she died physically. My step father tried explaining that brains are complicated and sometimes they stop working but it didn’t and doesn’t help. Was it her diet? Dehydration? Had she been laying weird as she read causing a clot or something? Maybe it was stress as i wasn’t being the best kid at the time. Who knows? I don’t and that’s a problem.” — Killer_Tomato

21. As children, we were followed through the forest

“When I was 7-8 or so, I lived right in the middle of the South Wales valleys – tons of hill ranges and forests amongst the smattering of villages. One such village is where my grandma used to live. Our family would always go up there to see her, and I’d always meet my cousin there, who was roughly my age so we got along well. In our boredom, we’d go out and wander about the lake and hills nearby.

One such time, we’d walked for about half an hour up a beaten path away from the lake, towards the dense forests that we had not yet explored. We spent a couple of hours just walking about, climbing the trees with good footholds, just doing what kids do to pass time in a fairly empty landscape.

While we were a couple of dozen feet up a tree, I heard a few twigs break in the distance behind us. I was immediately on edge, and in an effort not to scare my cousin (he was a little bit younger than me), I didn’t call attention to it and instead fidgeted about so that my vision would pass where I heard it. A couple hundred feet away, I saw a shape poking out from behind a tree trunk – very clearly the shape of a head and shoulder, seemingly staring directly at us while attempting to not be seen. Not child-like either – those were broad shoulders.

I slowly started climbing down, and almost at the same time the form moved back behind the trunk. I kept talking as normally as I could to my cousin as I started walking us back to the open hillside. I turned back, perhaps a little too worryingly, and my cousin followed my gaze. The shape was there again, behind another tree – whoever they were had followed us towards the edge.

I grabbed my cousin and we booked it, noping like never before. We stuck to wandering the lake after that. I still wonder who the hell that was and what they want, but I assume the worst.” — Auesis

22. I woke up dizzy with a busted nose and covered in blood

“In college I woke up on my hands and knees on my bed, incredibly dizzy. Went to the bathroom to throw up and my face was covered in blood. Busted, lip, busted nose, and a cut on my shoulder.

Everyone thinks I was on drugs. I took like 2 hits from a joint earlier that night but that was pretty normal. So it wasn’t that.

I do remember I had a really messed up dream about a bomb going off, and there was a big explosion and that’s when I woke up. Could I have punched myself in my sleep?

There was no blood anywhere else on my room, not on the wall or the bed. So I think someone just beat the shit out of me in my sleep. I got along with all of my roommates. I have no clue who could have done it or why.” — Portland28

23. Fate brought my person and I together

“I met my current partner of 10 years when she texted me because she didn’t know who’s number she had. We had never met before and to this day we have no idea how she got my number. Maybe it was a typo?” — Rebuta

24. I had a mysterious interaction with a ghost of a man

“When I was 17 I woke up early and went to go see the sun rise over Lake Michigan.

It was just after a storm so there was a lot of trash and it smelled of dead fish but the sand was smooth and you didn’t smell the fish if you stood close to the water.

The sunrise was beautiful.

I saw a man jogging along the beach, north to south. He jogged up to me and said ‘hey! Hi! Do you believe in ghosts?’ I said ‘no’ and he nodded and kept jogging south. I looked back at the sunrise.

I then remembered that there’s no beach exit to the south, so I looked back to see where he was jogging to, and he had disappeared. There weren’t any footprints but mine.

Was he a man messing with me, or a ghost?” — coranos2

25. The dishes unexplainably fell from the cupboards without being touched

“Have a vivid memory of watching The Simpsons with my family when I was young and all of a sudden a horrible loud crash came from the kitchen, all of the dishes in one cupboard were broken on the floor with no explanation.” — trffoypt