25 People Reveal Their Biggest #FirstWorldProblem


Articles that feature the infamous #firstworldproblem seem to circulate the Internet every other week. But hey, a problem is still a problem — we all know that the struggle is real and we’re constantly facing new problems that we may or may not come back from every day. Let’s face it, sometimes you just can’t even.

1. Amanda, 24

I can’t tell the difference between my cucumbers and my zucchini.

2. Meredith, 22

My house is so long that we had to get two wifi routers, one for each side.

3. Matt, 28

When OnDemand doesn’t upload my show fast enough if I missed it the night before.

4. Sam, 28

I can’t buy clothes online because different brands fit me differently so I have to actually drive to the store and try them on.

5. Justin, 30

I hate it when I wear suede shoes and then it starts raining.

6. Brittney, 25

I have so many clothes that I have to keep my off-season clothes in storage.

7. Jessica, 21

Sometimes I forget my EZ pass so I have to wait in the cash lane on the toll roads.

8. Alicia, 23

I hate when I can’t fast forward through the commercials when I am watching a show OnDemand.

9. Kathleen, 22

When my backup camera on my car is dirty so I can’t go in reverse anywhere.

10. Nikki, 25

My iPad and my iPhone are both almost dead but I only have one charger.

11. Mark, 26

When I don’t have my auxiliary cord in my car and have to listen to am/fm radio.

12. Taylor, 19

I can never tell if celebrity that I am trying to follow on Instagram is real or if it is a fake account.

13. Lin, 32

When I have to wait for more than five minutes for my favorite tanning bed at the salon.

14. Kristen, 24

When I cross the boarder into Canada and my GPS stops working.

15. Susie, 23

The daily struggle is real. My wifi froze today while I was trying to watch Netflix.

16. Megan, 24

Sometimes I get to yoga one minute late and they have already closed the door so I can’t go in. #namaste

17. Ally, 32

My AC gets too cold in the summer and my thick blankets are packed away.

18. Natalie, 25

My dishwasher broke so I had to hand wash all of my dishes for a week.

19. Sammy, 23

I am never anyone’s #wcw

20. Cody, 22

I’m unemployed.

21. Maria, 26

When the barista messes up my order at Starbucks but I have already driven away and I don’t feel like parking.

22. Emily, 21

The pool in my apartment building doesn’t open until noon so I have to lay out on my balcony in the mornings instead.

23. Jason, 25

When I mix up my shampoo and conditioner.

24. Nate, 28

When I get a text while I am viewing a snapchat and it disappears.

25. Justine, 30

When I can’t comment on someone’s Facebook status because I will get notifications for all of the other people who comment so I just like it instead.

featured image – Shawn Hoke