25 Personal Milestones To Celebrate From This Year That Have Nothing To Do With Getting Married


Hey, getting married is an incredible milestone. But there’s also a whole bunch of others that have nothing to do with falling in love. So here’s a reminder of 25 other things you can celebrate about your life this year. Cheers to you.


Having a rough week at work or in your personal life and still getting out of bed anyway, because you have trained yourself to be the kind of person that shows up.


Asking for a raise at your job, if you felt that you had worked hard and truly deserved it.


Finally making up with a friend you haven’t had a relationship with for a long time.


Figuring out how to ask for (and get) help if you struggled with anxiety, depression, or any other challenge to your mental health at some point this year.


Finally being the one to buy your parents dinner, instead of the other way around. Even if you still just barely paid your credit card bill that month.


Moving into an apartment completely on your own, with no roommates or significant others or parents. Your couch, your spoons, your bathroom cleaning products, your everything.


Paying attention to the world around you, and actually making an effort this year to keep up with current events, the election, international affairs, and the news in general.


Running a marathon.


Completing a DIY project that had been bookmarked on your laptop for five months.


Learning how to enjoy your own company, and understanding that spending a Friday night by yourself can actually be an incredible thing.


Training yourself to actually confront someone when they’ve done something to hurt you or upset you, instead of just being passive aggressive towards them and avoiding the conflict.  


Never forgetting to send out thank you notes – for a gift, for dinner, or just for someone’s time.


Eating less salt, or less sodium, or less sugar, or less of whatever has been making you not feel your best.


Discovering a cause that’s truly important to you and beneficial to others, and giving to it in some way – through your money or your time or your voice.


Getting on a plane even if you were terrified out of your mind.


Getting back into, or just beginning, an exercise regimen after avoiding it for so long.


And actually sticking to it.


Ending a relationship in which you weren’t being treated the way you deserved to be treated.


Doing something kind for someone else and never telling anyone about it.


Traveling somewhere by yourself.


Or just finally forcing yourself to go on that trip you’ve talked about going on for years.


Learning how to cook a meal for yourself that was outside of your typical range.


Taking a class just for the fun of it.


Putting your health before your job.


Learning how to be kind to yourself, and good to yourself – even if it’s a constant work in progress.