25 Promises Every Girl In Her Early Twenties Should Make (But Will Probably Break)


1. I promise that I will wash my face every night before bed and NOT sleep wearing makeup. Especially after a long night bar hopping.

2. I promise that I won’t fall in love with a guy who treats me like shit because I know that I deserve much better. And I definitely will not give him any second, third…or 43rd chances.

3. I promise I will go to the doctor immediately when I am sick and not wait until I get worse. And I’ll, of course and as always, keep up with routine appointments and check-ups.

4. I promise not to participate in “Netflix and chill”.

5. I promise to get gas way before the tank is on E.

6. I promise that I will not take shots of tequila on a work night because that’s irresponsible and I’ll regret that awful hangover sitting at my desk on Wednesday morning. What’s Tipsy Tuesday, anyway?

7. I promise that I will clean my makeup brushes.

8. I promise that I will budget my money extremely well and not waste it on food, alcohol and clothing.

9. I promise not to settle because I don’t want to be alone.

10. I promise not to eat fast food or diner food past midnight. Especially not after pounding 6 Budlight bottles. Who even drinks Budlight? That’s gross.

11. I promise to have confidence and not feel bad about myself when I look in the mirror. I am beautiful the way that I am and I will not let others or the world bring me down.

12. I promise to do laundry routinely enough that it doesn’t stack up and overload the basket. I also won’t go looking through dirty clothes in the laundry to wear again when I run out of clean ones.

13. I promise to make my bed every day.

14. I promise not to make up delusional and irrational situations in my head, and I will not be so paranoid to the point that I believe these situations are real.

15. I promise to try my best not to be a hot mess.

16. I promise not to get embarrassed easily. Even when I am caught staring at the hottie at the coffee shop. And then after spilling my coffee, due to staring at the hottie at the coffee shop.

17. I promise to respect myself, love myself, and not be my own worst enemy.

18. I promise not to get anxiety attacks over small matters.

19. I promise not to over-line my lips. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never be Kylie Jenner.

20. I promise not to sleep with people who mean nothing to me. And I will never, ever, give them the wrong impression or have them fall for me when I don’t feel the same.

21. I promise not to spend hours a day scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

22. I promise that when I scroll upon the status updates of old friends’ that declare engagement, babies on the way, new relationships, promotions, etc., etc., etc.,…I will be overjoyed for those people.

23. I promise not to obsess over the lives of celebrities. Reality TV is a waste of time, right?

24. I promise not to curse so much. Mother always says I’ll never find a man if I keep this sailor’s mouth.

25. I promise, overall, to constantly remind myself that I am very blessed and I am going to be just fine. In fact, much more than fine.