25 Reminders For Girls Just Getting Out Of Almost Relationships


1. Dealing with the end of an almost relationship can be just as scarring as getting dumped by a boyfriend you have been seeing for years. The amount of time you spent together doesn’t matter. The feelings you had matter. 

2. Don’t feel embarrassed about mourning a relationship that wasn’t official. You are allowed to be upset about what happened. You are allowed to admit you are in pain.

3. You can love someone you never dated. You can care about someone you never dated. You can have your heart shattered by someone you never dated.

4. You might not get closure and that is okay. 

5. Just because you two didn’t officially get together doesn’t mean that the moments you shared were meaningless. 

6. Instead of getting upset that the future you pictured inside of your head never happened, be thankful for the moments you shared and the lessons he taught you.

7. Don’t you dare start doubting your worth now that he’s gone. You are still the same person you were yesterday when you thought he was into you. 

8. You didn’t completely misread the situation. His mixed signals meant he liked you — he just didn’t like you enough

9. You deserve someone who is there all of the time, not sometimes. 

10. You deserve a forever love, not a temporary love.

11. There are other boys out there who will see your value from the start. 

12. Those boys will jump at the chance to become your boyfriend. You won’t have to wait for them to be ready for a relationship or convince them you are worthy of their time. 

13. Your heart is stronger than you think. It can heal itself even when you swear it is broken beyond repair.

14. You are not stupid for missing him. He is stupid for leaving you. 

15. Not every relationship is going to end like this. Not every guy is going to abandon you before the first date. 

16. It’s actually a good thing this relationship is over because now there is room in your life for a better one. 

17. You can be happy without him — and you are going to be soon. But it’s okay if you’re sad right now. It’s normal. 

18. You are allowed to miss him. You are allowed to wish things ended differently. 

19. Don’t torture yourself by replaying old memories in your head over and over again, trying to figure out where things went wrong. You aren’t going to magically find answers. You are only going to drive yourself crazy. 

20. Delete your pictures of him. Delete his number. Delete him from social media. Give yourself a break from him so you can stop thinking about him.

21. Don’t let yourself believe there is a chance he’s coming back. 

22. Accept that he is gone. Accept that it is for the best. 

23. Remember you are going to get over him eventually, even if it feels like this heartbreak will last forever

24. One day, you will find someone who makes you forget he even existed in the first place. 

25. Almost relationships suck. You aren’t the only one who thinks so. You aren’t the first person to have your heart broken by someone you never even dated.