25 Signs You Are Actually Rory Gilmore


1. You think doing laundry and ordering Indian food in on a Friday night alone sounds like the best time ever. 

2. You have inappropriate boundaries with your mother. 

3. You grew up in a small town where everyone is surprisingly witty and pop culture savvy.

4. Your idea of a romantic night is watching classic, cheesy movies, ordering pizza, and eating Red Vines.

5. You might as well have an IV drip of coffee in your arm at all times.

6. You had sex with your married ex-boyfriend.

7. You have a true appreciation for snack foods; tator tots, donuts, mallomars, desert sushi, etc.

8. Material items and money don’t impress you. You couldn’t care less if a boy buys you a whole coffee cart or Birkin bag. If he really wants to win your heart he has to dig deeper.

9. You’ve attended an Ivy League or private school, but relate more with small town livings. 

10. You don’t let guys get in the way of your career, even if they are promising a job at the family newspaper and a house with avocado trees in the backyard.

11. You’re unassuming, shy, free-spirited, bookish, and witty creating the perfect combination of personality traits to make boys all around you swoon hard. 

12. You set high expectations for yourself and push yourself to the limits to achieve them, even if this means ditching your ridiculously good looking boyfriend to study or volunteer somewhere.

13. Sometimes when you get upset you steal things. Like other people’s boats.

14. Nothing excites you before 11 a.m.

15. Ordering take out is considered a sport to you. This means eating four meals in two hours or ordering seafood from a pancake house. You’ve learned how to survive on a diet of only cheeseburgers, lattes, and Chinese food.

16. You’ve known you wanted to be a journalist or a writer ever since you were a kid.

17. You know some truly mean insults.

18. You prefer books to people. You always carry a book with you, typically a classic. You might even bring a collection of different books with you depending on where or when you’ll be reading them.

19. You believe the only point of exercise is to wear cute outfits.

20. You don’t mind dating a bad boy as long as he reads.

21. You have serious heart feelings for Pippi Longstocking. 

22. You’ve spent your spring break watching Bill Moyers and eating pizza in your hotel room before.

23. Your mother regularly asks you your opinions on what to wear. 

24. When you move to a new city you order take out from everywhere in your vicinity and rate the place based on hotness of delivery drivers.

25. You love the smell of an old book.

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image – jeffmason