25 Signs You Need An Attitude Makeover


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1. Your favorite thing to talk about is repeating recent conversations where so-and-so said something that really pissed you off.

2. You think that you are special.

3. You love the thrill of the opportunity to bag someone out as soon as they leave the room.

4. You actively engage in conversations where you are the primary contributor, but lose interest when others speak. That text about what to have for dinner suddenly becomes very important.

5. Your opinion is the only one that matters and you can’t believe how freaking stupid everyone is.

6. Now that you think about it, how can it be that everybody is always so wrong and you are so right?

7. You believe that you deserve better.

8. You can dish it but you can’t take it. Pointing out others shortcomings comes easily and you are offended and hit back with below the belt insults when you receive criticism.

9. Your comments are often strategized in order to gain approval, admiration or promotion.

10. Your day is littered with little white lies to dramatize your life and make yourself seem more interesting to others.

11. You start to believe these lies.

12. Everyday life and daily events stress you out – especially when things don’t go your way.

13. When someone asks you how your day was today, the first thing you do is rattle off all of the things that people did to annoy you.

14. You’re losing sleep worrying about things that haven’t happened yet.

15. Hours are turning into days, days are turning into weeks. You often say “I can’t believe how fast the year is going” because you have forgotten how to live for today.

16. When talking about others who you feel have done you wrong, your primary descriptive vocabulary is swear words, no specifics.

17. You love drama and derive pleasure from it.

18. You get mad imagining how such-and-such will react about a situation before you’ve even discussed it with them.

19. You are resentful and jealous when something good happens to someone in your life, be that an acquaintance, a colleague and people you regard as friends.

20. Your go-to reply when someone is sharing a personal issue is to reply with a similar issue you’re having and continue to talk about yourself.

21. You never give out compliments. When you do, they are not genuine.

22. It’s impossible to see how people couldn’t care about all the things going on in your life. It’s just that interesting.

23. You think that what you have is not enough.

24. You continue to complain about something that is in your power to change.

25. When you witness a terrible car crash, you’re annoyed about getting home five minutes late. When someone asks if anyone was hurt, you don’t know because the thought never entered your mind.