25 Small But Life-Changing Lessons I’ve Learned In 25 Years


1) Don’t be an asshole.

Why would anyone want to be anything else but nice? By being nice, I have found that life seems to play itself out a little more smoothly. You develop fewer enemies, engage in less conflict, and help to brighten people’s day, including your own.

2) Travel as much as possible.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunities that I have had to travel so far during my lifetime. I don’t think I will ever be able to fully fulfill my desire to travel as I can’t ever see myself not wanting to travel somewhere new. Through traveling, I have learned how to become a more independent and open-minded person as I have experienced new and foreign customs and cultures that are different from those in the comfort of my home town.

I seriously think I have learned more about life through traveling than anything else, and it is my goal to keep traveling a theme throughout my lifetime.

3) Don’t be afraid to mess up, it’s going to happen either way.

It sucks to miss out on things in life due to fear of messing up or thinking you will do something “wrong.” In the end, you miss out on the opportunity to grow or learn from the experience. Don’t worry about what other people will think. That will just keep you from growing.