25 Things I’ve Learned About Love At 25


  1. Love is all consuming
  2. Love is not always perfectly timed
  3. Nor does it always meet your expectations
  4. It’s not really supposed to make logical sense…
  5. … in fact love is mostly irrational
  6. Making love work is time consuming
  7. And hard…
  8. … but also easy (how it can be both, I don’t know – it just is)
  9. No two love’s are the same
  10. All you need is not love, you need other things in a relationship to sustain love
  11. Love is painful when it’s leaving the body
  12. Yet love can be healing
  13. Everyone deserves to be loved
  14. We’re more in love with the idea of love than the actually mess of it
  15. … which reminds me, love is messy
  16. You should like the person you love
  17. Love is not the same as lust or infatuation
  18. Love should never hurt, if what you’re calling love makes you sad or angry, it’s not love
  19. Love is obnoxious to witness when you don’t have any
  20. Love is beautiful when you see two people who truly deserve it, find it.
  21. Love is complicated, it shouldn’t be, but sometimes it is.
  22. Everyone is hard wired to love, no one is too broken to be incapable of it
  23. Love can be fleeting, it’s okay, not all love is meant to last forever
  24. Love can play on all you’re emotions and make you feel and act crazy
  25. .. but love is always worth it.