25 Thoughts You Have When You’re Nearing 25


1. “I think if I quit my job and just traveled I could really live off not much money. I think it’s doable.”

2. “I never even took a road trip across the country yet! I was supposed to do that by now!”

3. “Everyone is having babies. Everyone. Literally babiessss everywhereeeee.

4. “I planned on being done having kids by 30. I don’t even have a boyfriend. I don’t even know that I want a boyfriend. I have no idea what I want.”

5. “So say I meet someone and date for like a year or two, then I get engaged, and then it takes at least a year to plan a wedding. What, then I need to pop out all three kids pretty much immediately? This plan doesn’t work for me anymore.”

6. “I love him, but will I love him forever? That’s a long time. How do I know for sure? Plus the thought of him being the ONLY person I have sex with until I die is wild.”

7. “I Want to go out dancing. Do humans even do that anymore? Where do the kids hangout?”

8.” I feel like college was yesterday and high school was last week. I am still shocked sometimes that I was issued a license to drive at all, let alone that it was EIGHT years ago.”

9. “But really, can you even imagineeee having kids right now? I lose my car keys and phone at least twice a week, I can’t be responsible for a human. I can barely use candles successfully.”

10. “Did you read about the girl that quit her fancy job and now she’s scooping ice cream on an island loving life? I could be that girl!”

11.”You don’t even want to know the amount of money I have to spend on bridesmaid dresses…and bridal shower dresses…and bachelorette party dresses…”


13. “I love when I get carded.”

14. “I just want to be careful with my spending because I don’t want anything to negatively effect my credit score…Christ… at what point did credit score become part of my vocabulary? That’s terrifying.”

15. “I really can’t go out on work nights anymore. I can’t hang at all, and then I’m just tired and grumpy all day and hate everyone.”

16. “Well I had a good amount of money in my savings that was set aside for my house fund, and then I just booked a trip to Europe instead so I’m a little behind now.”

17. “I paid off so much of my student loans, but I sort of feel like going back for my Masters now.”

18. “I will be THIRTY in FIVE years. THIRTY. I am going to throw up.”

19. “I feel like I fall somewhere between “I am only dating someone I could seriously see myself with” and “I need to get ALL the slutty out of my system now before I am tied down for life.”

20. “I should probably learn how to cook. I really bring nothing to the table there. Literally. I hope my future husband likes Chipotle.”

21. “Honestly I am grateful for my college education, and having a good job and all that jazz, but sometimes I just want to be like, you know what? I’m good. It’s been lovely. Thanks but no thanks.”

22. “You know you aren’t allowed to have tattoos if you wanted to be a Princess at Disney? I looked it up. So that’s out.”

23.”The older I get the more confused I am. 17-year-old me knew everythingggg, 24-year-old me can’t decide if I should have real of fake sugar in my coffee in the morning.”

24. “I feel like everyday I wake up and just play an adult on TV, except I’m not on TV, and I’m kind of a shitty actor. You know?”

25. “Quarter life crisis is absolutely a real thing.”