25 Tiny Excuses You Keep Making That Are Ruining Your Life (Without You Even Realizing It)


1. I’m not smart enough for that job, so I might as well not apply.

2. He left me, so everyone will.

3. I’ll do it tomorrow.

4. I didn’t get good enough grades to get into that college.

5. I didn’t feel sparks on the first date, so I might as well not see him again.

6. I didn’t orgasm with my ex, so I never will.

7. He’s moving away, it’s probably wrong timing.

8. It’s just too hard.

9. That therapist was awful, so therapy obviously doesn’t work for me.

10. I’ve had anxiety for years, it’s not going to get better.

11. I’ve been single for way too long, I’m probably better off this way.

12. He didn’t love me back. I’m unlovable. I’m broken.

13. I can’t move until I have enough money in my savings.

14. Her resume is better than mine, I have no chance getting the promotion. I might as well not ask.

15. I can’t date anyone until I have my life together.

16. I can’t quit my shitty job until I have another one.

17. I have too many stomach rolls, there is no way he thinks I’m actually beautiful.

18. I can’t fall in love with her or him, remember what happened last time?

19. I can’t ask for a raise today because I don’t think I’ve had the same success as my coworkers.

20. I don’t have enough money to be able to ‘…….’

21. I can’t just drop everything and travel, I need security.

22. I’m too damn tired to do that right now.

23. It’s too late to do that or to date him or to change careers. It’s too late for me.

24. I will never look like her, I’ve already tried to eat healthy and to workout, and it doesn’t work.

25. I can’t follow my dreams, I will fail. I always do.