25 Tiny Pleasures That All Book Lovers Live For


1. Reading a book that you don’t know much about and discovering that it’s AMAZING.

2. Finding that book you’ve been meaning to read in the bargain bin.

3. Getting to the end of a book and being utterly amazed and satisfied by the conclusion.

4. Recommending a book to your friend and they absolutely love it.

5. …Then raving about the book to each other and reliving all the epic moments.

6. Going on a “spending spree” at your library’s used book sale, and buying 20 books for a whopping $10.

7. Rereading a book from your childhood and it still holds up.

8. Hearing that your favorite author is FINALLY releasing another book.

9. Waking up to pouring rain AKA prime book-reading weather.

10. Walking into a used bookstore and marveling at the stacks and stacks of books you can sort through.

11. Watching a movie based on a book and it’s actually very faithful to the source.

12. Adding a new book to your shelf and it fits perfectly without squishing the other books.

13. Inheriting books from friends/family who are just looking to get rid of books they’ve had sitting around forever.

14. Just reorganizing your bookshelf for the millionth time.

15. Showing off all your recently purchased books to anyone who will listen, because you get to rant about why it sounds great all over again.

16. Meeting someone new and discovering that they love the same book you love.

17. Finishing a book right before bed, so you can just lie there and think about it for hours without anyone bothering you.

18. Discovering that your favorite actor is an avid reader and you can’t help but love them even more.

19. Opening a brand new book and catching a whiff of that new book smell.

20. Finally finishing that book you’ve been slowly reading on-and-off for a year.

21. Being dragged on a shopping trip with someone and discovering that the store they’re in has a small book section.

22. Your friend canceling on you at the last minute, so you have no other option than to stay home and read for hours.

23. Waking up the morning after you fell asleep reading, and seeing that you miraculously didn’t lose your place in the book.

24. Turning a particularly bad day around with a good book.

25. Planning a trip that requires hours of just sitting on a plane or train AKA hours of reading time.