25 Types Of Guys (That All Other Guys Hate)


Found on AskReddit.

1. Mr. Throw You Under The Bus To Get Laid

“When they throw you or someone else under the bus to try and get laid.”


2. Mr. Dick Pics

“Dudes who send unwanted dick pics to women.”


3. Mr. Male Feminist

“‘Men are the worst’…‘I apologize for my gender’ ‘On behalf of all…’ Shut up, dude.”


4. Mr. Cockblocker

“Acting completely differently the second a girl is around.”


5. Mr. Nice Guy

“‘But I’m such a nice guy.’”


6. Mr. No Boundaries

“It’s less fun when there’s that one guy who has no concept of boundaries.

Like playing a group game of Mario Kart, and he slams into his own green shell. And someone says, ‘Nice driving,’ and he responds with, ‘Yeah, well at least my sister didn’t kill herself.’

If you’ve never been a part of a near-rumble in a dorm room, it’s not as fun as it might sound.”


7. Mr. Joke About Your Insecurities

“If they put people down for stuff they can’t control or make inappropriate jokes about someone’s insecurities. There’s banter and then there’s just flat out being a cunt.

If someone you know is insecure about their weight or appearance, a real man will accept it and try to help them. A cunt makes jokes about it.”


8. Mr. Two-Faced

“Two-facedness. If they talk crap about people behind their back but feign pleasantries when they’re around, I just assume they’re going to do the same to me when I’m not around.”


9. Mr. Infidelity

“Infidelity. You took vows. Be a man.”


10. Mr. Muscles

“Using physical strength to take advantage of weaker people.”


11. Mr. That’s Gay

“Guys who think housework and cleaning and being there emotionally for his kids is gay.”


12. Mr. Let’s Fight

“Overtly Masculine Tough-Guy Take-No-Shit If-You-Make-Eye-Contact-I’ll-Ask-You-If-You-Wanna-Fight Attitude.”


13. Mr. Deadbeat Dad

“Deadbeat dads.”


14. Mr. Always Gets The Last Word

“A literal inability to shrug anything off. I’ve met some dudes who would not take anything from anybody and always had to have the last word. A secure man doesn’t have to assert himself and have the last God damn word at every. Fucking. Point. In. His. Life. He is comfortable in his opinion and his knowledge of things, and accepts there are some things he does not know. Lacking these traits is a mark of insecurity, and while I wish the best for insecure men, if they manifest it like that I can only lose respect for them.”


15. Mr. Real Mean Dude

“Mean dudes are real shit stains.

There were two incredibly mean assholes who lived a couple blocks down from me in college. Walked by their place all the time. Didn’t know em.

I’d watched ’em throw beers at people from their porch, I’d watched the cops go to their parties all the time, I’d heard fights in their house / yard a lot, they’d yelled shit at me walking home from class, etc.

One Saturday night I heard screaming when I was walking home, dudes and ladies, coming from their house like someone was getting murdered. I walked up and was just looking into their open door and one of em saw me and started yelling at me immediately.

Both the assholes who lived there bolted off their porch at me, and some of their buddies followed, and I don’t even think I got a full sentence out before they were beating the shit out of me. Broke my nose, orbital bone, kicked me in the nuts, spit on me. I remember one of them screaming repeatedly “STEP DOWN BRO.”

It was unreal. Real mean dudes are the fuckin worst.”


16. Mr. Competitive

“When they try to turn EVERYTHING into a dick-measuring contest.

I can be competitive, sometimes irrationally. But never when its not an actual competition and never in a casual setting. Trying to top someone else’ story/experience for literally no reason annoys the hell out of me.”


17. Mr. Dish It Out But Can’t Take It

“Guys who dish it out, but then get all pissy when they get made fun of.”


18. Mr. Pee On The Seats

“When they piss all over the seats of public bathrooms. Fucking disgusting and unnecessary.”


19. Mr. Bad Decisions

“Don’t blame everyone else for the fact you haven’t made the best decisions in your life.”


20. Mr. Instant Alpha

“When they turn ‘alpha’ and try to punk you when they get around new people, but as soon as those people are gone, they try to revert back to their ‘old selves’ and think it’s okay.”


21. Mr. Catcall

“This might sound like I’m bullshitting, but I honestly never thought catcalling/random pickup lines were that pervasive until my fiance mentioned it one day. That was a couple years ago and to this day the fact that a LOT of dudes seriously pull the ‘mmm hey baby what’s goin on” shit just boggles my mind.”


22. Mr. Bird Dog

“If they try it on with someone’s girlfriend/wife.”


23. Mr. Fuckboy

“When the guy brags too much about hookups or shit like that. It proves that they are veeeeery insecure and make up for it with meaningless sex.”


24. Mr. No Honor

“The moment another guy can’t honor his word, that’s the moment I stop caring about anything he says.”


25. Mr. Dick Mittens

“Uses the restroom and doesn’t wash his hands.”