25 Women On The Best Beauty Lesson Their Mom Taught Them


For a lot of women, the first beauty advice they got was not from a magazine or a peer but from their mother. You grow up watching your mom apply her makeup and do her hair – or do the complete opposite and do nothing at all – and you learn from her. I learned most of what I know about makeup from my mom; I studied at her feet from a very young age.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I asked some of my friends the most important beauty lessons they learned from their moms. Here’s how they answered.

  1. Always, always take off your makeup before bed. And as much as I begged for one, she never supported spiral perms. –Jennifer
  2. No one’s gonna notice that zit on your face as much as you, so stop making a big deal out of it. Get enough sleep. –Rachel
  3. Stay out of the sun and don’t smoke! My mom is 58 and her skin does not reflect that. –Jakey
  4. Don’t let her wax your eyebrows when you’re 14. They’ll never be the same. –Brittani
  5. Never leave the house without lipstick, ever. –Jane
  6. Less is more. –Yasmin
  7. The only thing my staunchly anti-makeup mom taught me that was remotely beauty-related was, “Drink water.” –Mandy
  8. Don’t overpluck your brows! THANKS, MOM! –Katherine
  9. “Beauty must suffer,” my mom said when she gave me perms as a kid. And when she brushed the snarls from my hair. I always remember this during waxings! –Jolene
  10. My mom emphasized the importance of taking care of your teeth and making them as pearly white as possible. A beautiful smile is so important because it’s one of the first things people notice. –Kaleigh
  11. Wash. Your. Face. –Alle
  12. Brown skin is beautiful. –Taylor
  13. Can mine be that I learned not to give a f about how I “should” look and be true to myself? I hated how afraid of looking unique or daring my mom was. She judged herself so much by what others would think of her that I knew I never wanted to live like that. –Samantha
  14. Don’t be vulgar. –Sharon
  15. I inherited my mother’s mascara addiction. Always a fresh tube on hand. She even puts it on before she goes to bed. –Ashlie
  16. Despite being anti-overplucking later on, my mom taught me how to pluck with the sage advice that, “It only hurts for a second, and after awhile it stops hurting completely!” -Berae
  17. Lipstick makes you look more put-together. -Alyssa
  18. Beauty luxuries are always worth it. –Jane
  19. Start using eye crème at 16. –Natasha
  20. Use dried orange peel mixed with honey and cream as a scrub. –Cheryllyne
  21. Olive oil is a great makeup remover. –Lauren
  22. Don’t forget to moisturize your neck! –Janey
  23. Use lemon juice for blondes and vinegar for dark hair to use as a rinse after washing your hair to make your hair shiny. –Rachel
  24. Cold cream is the best [to remove your makeup.] -Beth
  25. When you wash your hair, the final rinse should be cold water to keep it shiny. And also, you’re beautiful just as you are. -Kim