26 Little Wins To Celebrate In Your Twenties That Have Nothing To Do With Your Relationship Status


1. You’ve made peace with the past.

2. You’ve let go of something that’s enabled you from moving forward.

3. You’re constantly educating yourself on as many things as possible.

4. You know how to manage your money responsibly so that you’re able to make smart financial decisions later on in life.

5. You’ve abandoned a toxic relationship or friendship that has only added negativity and stress to your life.

6. You’ve learned how to receive a compliment and say ‘thank you’ instead of feeling the pressure to instantly start criticizing yourself.

7. You’ve traveled to a new city that you’ve always wanted to explore.

8. You understand the difference between treating yourself and spending foolishly.

9. You’ve done something that you’ve always wanted to do, but were always too afraid to try.

10. You put effort into taking care of yourself and your personal needs.

11. You know how to do your taxes on your own.

12. You embrace a point where you’re comfortable asking for what you want, especially when you know it’s what you deserve.

13. You surround yourself with only positive influences.

14. You’ve quit a job that made you unhappy.

15. You exercise your right to vote.

16. You’re finally over that do*che bag guy that you never thought you could live without.

17. You’ve reached the point where you feel comfortable in your own skin.

18. You know the difference between need and want.

19. You regularly check your credit report and you’re happy with that number.

20. You’ve ditched the daily takeout routine and know how to cook for yourself.

21. You know how to change a tire.

22. You know how to balance a check.

23. You work out and eat healthy because you love your body, not because you hate it.

24. You are secure in your life path. When a friend hits a major milestone, you no longer feel jealous or insecure. Instead, you are genuinely happy for them.

25. Your spiritual beliefs are a meaningful part of your life.

26. You realize that life isn’t just about finding love.