26 Things You Deserve To Forgive Yourself For


1. Jumping to conclusions even when you know (deep down) it’s irrational. It’s okay to let your mind be impulsive and concoct grand scenarios (good or bad) as long as you’re able to pull yourself back down to earth.

2. Talking when you should listen. Especially when you realize it and back up, giving someone else the space they deserve.

3. Not taking care of yourself enough. Everyone has burned the candle at both ends more than once in their life and put themselves at the back of the line. Don’t beat yourself up further.

4. Forgetting to wear deodorant. People will get over it.

5. Putting your foot in your mouth. Just apologize, genuinely. It will be okay.

6. The times when you tried to be more than you were capable of being. It’s not only okay to know your limits, it’s healthy.

7. Breaking someone else’s heart. To a certain extent, it’s an inevitability. One that will haunt you, but one that will also humble you.

8. Lashing out. Sometimes our emotions are volatile. And it’s not going to do you any good to dwell on it.

9. Being judgmental when you should have been more open. Do better in the future. Remind yourself.

10. Forgetting that self-care is just as important as other care. You deserve to take up space too.

11. Letting people down. Ask how to improve, how to be better, how to uphold your end of the bargain, and then make steps to do just that.

12. Having to say when. You simply cannot do everything, and people will learn to fill in the gaps around you. Everyone functions better as a team whether you care to admit it or not.

13. Gossiping. It’s not the end of the world. Just find your line and do your best to never cross it. Remember that we’re all just doing our best.

14. Changing your mind about things. Big or small, minuscule or life-altering. It happens. And deciding to not stay the course simply because you’ve committed to it is actually incredibly strong.

15. Time you feel like you “wasted”. Even if realistically, you did. You wouldn’t be the person you are today without that wasted time. So even if it’s not your favorite, cherish it nonetheless.

16. Being behind where you thought you’d be by now. Five-year-old you had no idea what to expect and as nostalgic as that sheet you filled out in grade school was, it wasn’t real life. You deserve to move on from the goals you set before you knew who you really were.

17. Not listening to your gut. Sometimes, it happens. Just remember to trust yourself next time.

18. The things you never said. There’s no use spending time dwelling on the words that came later than would’ve been ideal. Write them down somewhere and let that be that.

19. The things you definitely did say. Your mouth is going to run away from you sometimes and it will definitely leave burns and scars in its path. Figure out how to make it better and hold your tongue when it needs holding.

20. Leaping before looking. Life isn’t made by always being safe.

21. Not being at the gym as often as you say you will be. Everyone has to start somewhere and be somewhere and have a goal somewhere.

22. Putting yourself back together after you’re broken. No one needs to be a shell forever. And if you’ve figured out how to glue yourself back into a whole being, that deserves a congratulations — not a hesitation at admitting it.

23. Being afraid. Everyone is, all of the time. Even if they’ll never admit it.

24. Having the oh-so-typical “walls” around yourself. Everyone does, at least some of the time. Even if they’ll never admit it.

25. Spending a day doing nothing but being in bed. You probably earned it. And even if you didn’t, it probably felt damn good.

26. Feeling like you’re somehow not enough. Because you’re probably more than enough for someone who feels smaller than they should.