26 Ways To Have An Awesome Weekend


1. Set up a Skype date with a friend who lives far away and watch a movie together while eating the same snacks and occasionally pausing to talk about what you’re watching.

2. Go to a thrift shop with a pre-set budget of 15 or so bucks and allow yourself to get as much ridiculous stuff as you want as long as you don’t spend any more than you’ve reserved.

3. Arrange a date with someone you’ve been crushing on for a while on OKCupid but haven’t quite had the courage to ask out yet.

4. Find out if it’s raining, and if it is, spend the majority of Saturday afternoon in a coffee shop near a window, reading as much of a new book as your heart desires.

5. If you finish it, buy a few more books at the used book store.

6. Call up a few friends and have them come over for some wine and snacks. Have everyone bring the clothes/accessories they no longer need, and do a little trading while you hang out.

7. Hold a little wine tasting with a few of your friends so you can drink some good bottles and learn enough about them to seem cool at dinner parties.

8. Host a dinner party.

9. Make a roast or slow-cooked stew that takes far too much time to ever actually attempt during the week. If you spend all day in and out of the kitchen, all the better.

10. Learn how to make latte art.

11. Get stoned and go to the aquarium, but not so stoned that you get really scared every time one of the animals looks at you through the tank for too long.

12. Practice drawing your favorite Disney character until you are halfway decent at it. (Or at least decent at one isolated feature, which you proceed to draw a million more times.)

13. Start working on your taxes so you can be ahead of the game. (JK JK JK)

14. Actually reach out to the ex that you have been meaning to start an amicable relationship with for a long time, but were worried about seeming strange or still into them.

15. Bake one of those rainbow cakes people love posting all over the internet. (Extra points if it actually manages to turn out anything but a slightly discolored, muddy brown.

16. Read the entire Wikipedia article on a really important event you know almost nothing about, and feel really informed for the next few days.

17. Drop this new knowledge into conversation casually and watch people be impressed with you.

18. Drink whiskey.

19. Go to a club or coffee shop that is having an open mic night, even if you don’t know anyone who is participating. Bring a few friends and clap extra hard for the people who don’t have a lot of supporters in the audience.

20. Write a friend a poem and leave it in their mailbox anonymously.

21. Find a writer whose work you really enjoy and spend a few hours just going through all of their archives, until you reach the very end and become profoundly sad that you don’t have anything of theirs left to obsess over.

22. Take a bunch of selfies for no reason, and don’t feel narcissistic or embarrassed about it.

23. Try on new combinations of your old clothes to find ways to make them not so boring anymore. Keep a list of the different outfits you can put together in a pinch, and tape it to the inside of your closet for when you find yourself staring at your hangers while muttering about how you have nothing to wear.

24. Go grocery shopping and pick out three new things that you’ve never tried but always wanted to.

25. Order two sandwiches at lunch and bring one (along with a cup of coffee) out to the homeless person who is stuck in the cold.

26. Make popcorn on the stove and add your own seasonings, like grated parmesan or salted caramel or cayenne and lime. Realize that you have been settling for crappy microwave popcorn for way too long, and resolve to only eat more legit (and less expensive) snack foods in the future.

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