27 People Reveal The One Little Thing That Makes Them Irrationally Furious


1. Zach, 27

When you’re driving behind someone who is going super slow and then when you go to pass them they slam on the gas and start going 150mph. Then once you get back behind them, they slow back down!!!

2. Elaine, 24

When people don’t just have BO, but smell incredibly ripe. What’s it like to walk around in your own stenchcloud? How do you not smell yourself?

3. Kelsey, 29

When people open emails with “Hi, how are you? Well, I hope! Anyway, there’s this thing….” and then asking for a favor. I get that asking how someone is is a bit of a formality, but answering for the other person just screams ‘I don’t actually care, I just want this thing from you.’

4. Roger, 23

Whenever anyone apparently missed the day in 2nd grade when we all learned about commas and apostrophes, and either use them all, the, time, or never use them at all.

5. Sandra, 28

I hate when people talk incessantly about food/calories/weight and always make a comment about every single thing they eat.

6. Chris, 30

People that block the entire moving sidewalk like they’re on a damn ride or something. Move out of the way!

7. Greg, 25

I dislike people in supermarkets who are talking on the phone and blocking necessary items/holding up a line. Just call them back when you’re done.

8. Ellen, 29

I can’t stand when I can hear the leaked sound out of the person’s headphones next to me. That tinny, awful sound is so annoying.

9. Kory, 23

Passive aggressive people drive me nuts. They’ll passively say something to you instead of just calling you out, then when you finally say something about it to them they make you feel like an idiot by pretending they have no idea what you’re talking about.

10. Mike, 27

People who ask for gluten-free products when they don’t have celiac’s disease and just want to do it for show.

11. Brendan, 29

I can’t stand when someone is sitting next to me and starts tapping their foot or moving their leg in that really fast, insane way. You know, how it looks like they’re detoxing from crack and they’re going through withdrawals.

12. Kim, 27

If you chew loudly I will end our friendship.

13. Alex, 27

When the waiter at a chain restaurant asks if you’ve ever been there before. It’s Applebee’s, I think I can figure out what to do.

14. Shauna, 20

Running groups…I know I should appreciate them but as a solo runner, its really annoying trying to get past 50 people on the trail

15. Nick, 31

My personal hatred is when someone pushes through 8000 people at a concert to stand next to their friends that are close to the stage. Get here early next time, you piece of garbage.

16. Darren, 27

I’m a vegetarian, so whenever one of my friends makes an obvious show of eating a burger, basically like they’re eating it out. What is that supposed to do? Make me want meat, too? It’s only antagonizing, and I don’t think it’s funny.

17. Jackson, 23

When someone tags you on Facebook in a picture where you look like a goblin. Thanks for that, friend.

18. Jackie, 27

Junk mail that tries to look like important mail. They’re print something like “FINAL NOTICE” on the front so I freak out, then when I open it I find out it’s about a used car lot opening up.

19. Brooke, 28

I hate, to the point of screaming, anytime someone uses internet shorthand in actual conversation. If you say “LOL” I just have to walk away.

20. Jill, 28

I’m pregnant so I deal with this way too often; strangers or people that I barely know will come up and touch my belly. How is that appropriate in any way? Please don’t grope me and my child.

21. Carson, 21

Online dating messages that just say “hi.”

22. Pam, 26

Sending a text message to someone that turns green instead of blue.

23. Keith, 28

When my friends rave about a show I have to watch and when I start it and don’t like it they say, “Well you have to get through the first season before it gets really good.” Sorry, I’m not sitting through 20 hours of garbage in hopes that it eventually gets less terrible.

24. James, 20

When the batteries die in your remote and you look in your junk drawer only to find 800 AA batteries when your remote takes AAA batteries. It’s very Alanis Morisette-like.

25. Ben, 30

I hate when I meet a new group of people and someone says, “You look just like Eric! Oh my gosh doesn’t he look EXACTLY like Eric?” But you have no idea who Eric is and so you just have to stand there like an idiot, hoping you never run into Eric.

26. Ruth, 23

When you tell someone you like their tattoo and they have to give you a 15-minute story about what it means and what led to them getting it put on their body. I just like the design, pal. I don’t need your life story.

27. Troy, 26

When I type “haha” in a text, but autocorrect changes it to “HAHAHAHAHAHAH” and makes me look like a psychopath. Also, why is the ? and the ! next to each other? Sending “Where are you?” or “Where are you!” give off two TOTALLY different vibes.