27 Responses To “27 Things You Must Say Goodbye To At 27”


1. On Eating:

It is true that once you reach a certain age, eating foods that nourish your body and keep it running like the complex machine it is becomes more of a focal point. Food is the fuel for your body, and getting older is about learning to listen to your body and trusting that it will tell you what it needs. But let’s be clear: If you are craving a bagel, then eat a dad-gum bagel or pause and check in with your body! Every time you have a craving, your body is trying to tell you something. Your cravings hold so many answers for you if you will listen. Maybe instead of the bagel you are actually craving comfort.

2. On Celebrating:

You do not need to get permission from anyone else to celebrate yourself, your life, or your birthday. Have an entire birthday year if you want one. Once we get older, celebration is no longer reliant upon others only. You have the freedom and power to make each moment of your life a celebration of whatever you want, whether it is your birthday or simply a Tuesday.

3. On Vacations:

Take as many vacations as you please. Adventure. Stay home. See family and friends. Explore. Play. Being in your late 20s, you are most likely in charge of your finances and your life. So do what you want. If your career allows you to take three-month vacations at a time, more power to you! Choose to embrace getting older and realize that life is too short to not enjoy each moment! Some call it working hard to play hard! Since I am an entrepreneur, I like to call it the no separation clause…my goal is to create no separation between my work and play!

4. On Babies:

Who makes the rules on babies, anyway? If you, at 27, want to have your own babies, GO FOR IT. If you want to love on babies and enjoy baby things, GO FOR IT. If you don’t, you have the right to do that, too! Babies are too big of a social and personal responsibility for anyone to tell you how to feel about them.

5. On Dancing:

If you love to dance, PLEASE, never stop dancing! Dancing is like therapy for the body and soul! It doesn’t matter if you dance in your bedroom or in a club. And if you don’t dance, that’s cool, too!

6. On Shopping and Clothing Yourself:

You are 27—DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. Put on clothes that make you feel confident and amazing.

7. Shop where you want.

8. That includes Urban Outfitters.

9. On Hair:

Wear a hairstyle that makes you feel beautiful when you look in the mirror. Hair is a great way to express yourself!

10. On Shoes:

I hate to sound like a broken record, but please, wear whatever shoes you want! If sandals make you feel comfortable and make your ankles look good, then wear the sandals. If heels make you feel powerful and capable to take on the world then, shoot, wear heels!

11. On Education:

Let’s get something straight right now—at any age, you are good enough, smart enough, and worthy enough to get the education you want. Do not let age, past education, or anything else keep you from following your dreams and experiencing the life you want to live. This is your life. If medical school at the age of 50 is what you want…DO IT! Don’t deprive yourself of being what you want to be, and don’t stand in your own way.

12. Now on colors, you are allowed to wear:


13. On Going To The Movies:

Going to movie showings at any time, day or night, is appropriate, regardless of age. We are all different and some of us love mornings and some of us love nights. If you are a night owl and love movies at night, PLEASE go watch showings of films at midnight.

14. On Career:

Choose a career that isn’t just about making money but one that feeds your heart, mind, and soul. Plus, in your late 20s you start to realize things you are really good at and you will begin to seek out jobs that highlight your skills. For the record, your career has nothing to do with being serious. During your career, you will have times when you are focused and intentional, but you can always be FUN and PLAYFUL. Make your career an extension of the life you want. Nothing in this life is permanent, so if you don’t like your first choice in career or it doesn’t make you happy, change it. Your career has the opportunity to create deep passion and joy within you!

15. On hobbies:

Well, like I have said a million times, do what you want. If something interests you, try it on. If you like it, stick with it; if you don’t, move on! Never do something in life for the pure reason of having something to talk about. Do things because they create a blazing fire inside you.

16. On Bathing Suits:

OK, I am aware that there are many people who do not like what their bodies look like in swimsuits. But wear a swimsuit that makes you feel sexy in your skin. Pick swimwear that celebrates your body exactly the way it is! Also, just once, go skinny-dipping. It can be invigorating!

17. On Music:

Music speaks to most people. Listen to whatever you love while being open to trying a new genre of music. Sometimes turn off the music and listen to the birds and other sounds that surround you.

18. On Being a Flake:

Learn to say yes when you want to say YES and more importantly, learn to say NO. Flakiness is simply a survival tactic to get approval because you don’t want to disappoint others. The truth is, no matter what you do, you are going to disappoint someone, so you might as well do what you want. Say yes to the things and people that make you feel loved and excited and say no to what doesn’t.

19. On Parents:

I once read the following and was so inspired that I want to share it with you all: “Act as if you had chosen your parents before birth and you chose the exact parents that you needed in this lifetime to learn exactly what you are meant to learn.” Louise Hay shared this wisdom in one of her books, and I think it is brilliant. Your parents are gifts, even if they annoy you, and they will! The people that are the most trying at times are your greatest gifts in this life because they teach you unconditional love, patience, compassion, and many other amazing things!

20. On Watching MTV:

If you like TV, watch whatever the hell you want. Sometimes you could also try turning off the TV and doing something outside or connecting with someone you love. There is nothing wrong with TV, yet there are a ton of benefits to turning it off as much as possible!

21. On Exes:

First and foremost I want to say it is OK to be upset. Do not suppress your anger. Your anger is just as important as any of your other emotions. Allow yourself to go through the healing process. BUT please know that holding grudges is harming only you, not the other person. My wisdom is to learn to forgive and love as if your life depends on it. This does not go just for exes; it goes for your family, friends, strangers, and most importantly yourself. Love and take care of yourself and love with others will find you!

22. On Hygiene:

Do what feels best for you. Explore hygiene for yourself. Discover what nourishes your body. Each person is different and all of our needs differ. Try feet-washing at night. Try body brushing. Try baths by candlelight with a glass of wine.


Thank gosh for themed parties. What a great way to have fun and be playful in life. Getting older should definitely include more daily fun and laughter.

24. On Watching the News:

Educating yourself and staying current is important for many reasons. But it is more than just watching the news. Read the paper, or read books, or go out into the world and experience things for yourself. Whatever form of education feels best for you, do that! Plus, not all news sources are treated equal. Just sayin’! Take what you love from the news and leave the rest; then go out into the world and discover your own truth.

25. On Flirting and Dating:

Flirting and Dating is an intuitive, individual journey. Do what feels good. Try new approaches to dating and flirting. Discover your sexuality and what kind of dating feels best. Date people who don’t play games. Date people who you are interested in and who are interested in you. Create connections. Be curious about others. Make dating an act of service. How can you serve this human and allow another human to serve you?

26. On Social Media:

You are free to do what you want! I do suggest taking time off from social media and connecting face to face with those you love. Agree, in advance, to get off your gadgets and take the time to explore each other’s lives. Take a bike ride, take a hike, take a class, take up a hobby, explore a city, or explore the outdoors!

27. On Working Out:

My advice is don’t just work out because someone else says you should. Find any way to move your body that feels amazing. Discover new ways and activities that make you feel alive and make your body feel healthy, strong, and vibrant. Remember that your body has many more years to help you live a life that you love. Be nice to it, honor it, and give it what it wants. You only have one body, so love on it.

A bonus to being 27 is feeling more comfortable in your skin, caring less about what other people think and want from you, and caring more about what you truly desire. You now get to choose what you believe in and what to do with your life. Hopefully, it will include trying some of the advice and love I have given here!

Enjoy each season of your life. Go out and live it! Rock on, 27!