27 Signs You’re A Dave Matthews Band Fanatic


Dave Matthews Band has a special place in a lot of our hearts. Their fan base is one of the most loyal in the industry. There are fans that will travel thousands of miles just to see one show during their well-known summer tours.

There are many that have found lifelong friendships within the DMB Family. To some, this band is more than a band; it’s like finally returning home after a long winter break and the sun is shining and the warmth is falling upon your shoulders.

Here are a few signs to help you determine if you’re a DMB fanatic. For those who don’t understand, well, it’s a Dave thing.

1. You have a Firedancer sticker somewhere on that vehicle of yours.
2. You have multiple versions of #41 in your music library.
3. You’ve traveled to multiple states to see a show.
4. You’ve been to the mecca: The Gorge.
5. You roll your eyes at those who say their favorite song is Crash Into Me.
6. You have a DMB related tattoo.
7. You truly believe Dave is the anointed one.
8. You are followed by one or more band members on Twitter.
9. You buy a poster at every concert you attend (or may not attend, you just dig the poster)
10. You know what “Davespeak” is.
11. You’re a loyal Warehouse member.
12. You can’t date someone unless they’re into Dave as much as you because they just wouldn’t understand.
13. Plan vacation hours around Summer Tour Dates.
14. You plan shows 5 months in advance.
15. You have the famous “Dave poster” in your room. You know which one I’m talking about.
16. Just by hearing a certain version of a song you can name the year and at which venue it was played.
17. You “chase” rare songs and hyperventilate when you finally get one.
18. Call the opener.
19. You know the significance of “y’all smell good this evening”
20. Deer Creek will always be known as Deer Creek.
21. You are unaware that there is any other music except for DMB.
22. You’ve only seen the episode of House where Dave guest stars.
23. You name your pets after band members and song titles.
24. You shed a tear whenever you have to cut off a PIT bracelet.
25. You despise Jimi Thing.
26. You’d rather be at a Dave show.
27. You are satisfied that I ended the list with #27.

If you find yourself relating to the majority of this list, you are a qualified Dave Slave. Welcome to the family.

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