27 Simple Things To Do When You Need To Spark Joy


1. Eat Nutella with a spoon

2. Get in your car, drive down a country road, open all the windows and blast “ Holocene” by Bon Iver. One hand on the wheel and the other free-flying out of your window.

3. Dance around your bedroom blasting “Cry to Me” by Solomon Burke.

4. Watch Jimmy Fallon’s interview with Bradley Cooper where they can’t stop laughing.

5. Order a vanilla coke at Jack Astor’s. I’m not sure what sorcery they’re using, but you will not be disappointed.

6. Drive to a Mexican restaurant alone and eat a burrito with nothing but you and the tasty burrito as company.

7. Read anything ever written by Bianca Sparacino.

8. Go to Indigo, grab a seat in the pillow and candle area, pick up a random poetry book and read it from start to finish with a Starbucks in hand.

9. Watch old vines in compilations on YouTube, they never get old. Especially anything by Rickey Thompson. While you’re at it, watch old SNL skits.

10. Go to Sephora and buy yet another nude pink lipstick that you don’t need.

11. Call your best friend and relive your best memories during your friendship.

12. Play movie roulette: Look at all the movies playing in the theatre, write them all down and put them in a hat. Pick one out and go see it with your friends, even if you have no idea what it’s about.

13. Look at your mom’s photo albums or scrapbooks and browse through all your baby pictures and old family photos.

14. Make yourself chicken nuggets. Sometimes I swear I was solely put on this planet to consume nuggets.

15. Organize your closet while blasting your favorite playlist.

16. Go get your hair blown out! Even if you have no purpose to do so. You’ll feel like a rock star.

17. Curl up in bed and watch all of your favorite Disney movies.

18. Try cooking a new recipe off Pinterest for you and your family.

19. Make sure you schedule a self-care day once a week. On this day you will: stay off your phone, have an Epsom salt bath, put a fresh pair of pajama’s on, whiten your teeth, put on a face mask and binge-watch Friends for the 1000th time.

20. Go to the gym…yeah, no. Just dance it all out.

21. Sing Broadway musical songs in your car and imagine yourself in the show.

22. If it’s autumn: You won’t need to do anything other than open your window and breathe in that crisp, fresh air. Maybe also have the hot chocolate candle from Bath and Body Works lit in the background and Hocus Pocus playing on the t.v.

23. Watch any 80’s high school movie; you can’t watch them without smiling.

24. Buy another indigo blanket. Even if you have 5 already, they are never as soft after you wash them. If you don’t want to buy it, go rub up against one and then leave.

25. Wake up a little earlier for work and really put effort into your makeup and outfit. Somehow the day always goes better.

26. Watch all of Timothee Chalamet’s interviews. He is a gift to us all.

27. Go to Kelly’s Bake Shoppe if you live near Burlington, Ontario and order a delectable chocolate chip cookie. Order another one for the drive home.

Note: I realize many of these are food-related and I will not apologize for that.