27 Things I’ve Come To Know As A 27-Year-Old


I turned 27 recently. I did some thinking and reflecting today. My life is not anything what I expected or wanted it to look like at this age, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. I have a loving family and amazing friends, and I’ve also started to accept myself just the way I am, and know that I’m enough. I just wanted to share some things I’ve learned throughout my 27 years. Most things I’ve learned the hard way, but hopefully that just makes my future easier.

  1. Life doesn’t always go exactly the way you planned it. You could plan a straight and narrow path, but there are twists, turns, and bumps that just appear out of nowhere along the way that you never saw coming. They will throw you off and make you feel lost, but eventually will lead to exactly where you’re meant to be. Even if it’s not where you want to be.
  2. It’s ok to have had your heart broken. Don’t hold a grudge against the person who broke it though. They are irrelevant, and were wrong for you anyways. Besides, you have probably broken a couple of hearts yourself as well, and you wouldn’t want those people to have ill will towards you.
  3. Not everyone is as honest as you are. People will lie to you for their own benefit, and some people will lie just because it’s what they do. Some people are just liars and wouldn’t know the truth even if it hit them in the face. Don’t let that change you. Know, Live, and Tell your Truth everyday. Live as honestly as you possibly can.
  4. People will also use you for their own benefit, whether it be money, sex, or just to feed their own ego. It hurts so much to find out that someone didn’t love you for the right reasons. It makes you feel really empty inside, like you weren’t enough. But the good news is there are also people who love you just because you are you. Simply existing is the only thing you have to do for them to love you. Hold onto these people, they are the ones you should surround yourself with.
  5. Nobody will ever love you as much and unconditionally as your parents. Even when they don’t agree with you, they want the best for you and more than likely will pick you up every time you fall flat on your face.
  6. Some people care, and some people are just curious. If the curious people exhaust you, it’s ok to not answer them. You don’t anyone any explanations for any part of your life. The people that actually care, will either already know the answers, or respect you enough to not ask.
  7. You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to. It is seriously ok to disagree. There is no sense in going in circles with someone that will never see your side of things anyways.
  8. You also don’t have to go on every date you’re invited to. If you are just not interested in a guy, it’s ok to politely decline. Don’t let the poor guy waste his time and money. Let him down gently.
  9. You are good enough. Just believe it. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.
  10. Don’t focus on negativity. You get back what you put into the world. If you’re negative, you will always see negative results. Put out positivity, and good results will follow.
  11. It’s important to make time for fun. It’s easy to get burnt out on any job if you all you do is work. Make time to do things you actually enjoy outside of work.
  12. Love what you love un-apologetically. Even if it’s nerdy or not popular. If it’s something you love who cares what anyone else thinks.
  13. It’s not fun to be a hot mess all the time. Eventually you reach a certain age that being a drunk or hungover mess every weekend just isn’t your thing anymore. Weekends are much more enjoyable when you can actually remember them, and not feel like shit.
  14. Being pretty isn’t everything. There is much more to you than just the superficial things. You are smart, funny, and charming. Let people see that side of you too. Don’t sell yourself short by being just pretty.
  15. That goes for picking a partner too. Don’t just settle for someone good looking. Be with someone who can make you laugh, carry a conversation, and who genuinely cares for you.
  16. Actually do the things on your bucket list. It’s never too soon to start, and don’t be afraid to do them alone if you have to. It’s better than letting another year pass by and regretting not doing them.
  17. Grammar and enunciating your words is important. I should not have to explain or elaborate on this subject.
  18. Dress like you respect yourself. I know I said looks aren’t important, but confidence is. When you dress in a way that makes you feel confident and put together it shows. Others will notice this and view you in a better light.
  19. “Coming over to watch a movie” is not a date. Especially not a first date. A date is doing something with someone in public and actually attempting to get to know them.
  20. Go on adventures. Vacations and even just small local trips are important. You learn so much about yourself and the world around you when you take time to travel.
  21. It’s ok to not have it all figured out yet. Even the people who look like they have it all together probably feel like they don’t. Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are.
  22. Comparing yourself with others is a losing battle. There will always be someone smarter, prettier, and more successful than you. You will always be smarter, prettier, and more successful than some others. Stop comparing yourself to them. Your life is not meant to be a mirror image of anyone else’s.
  23. Communication is everything. I truly believe the world be a much a better place if we all just said what we were thinking and feeling instead of holding it all in. For the sake of all your relationships keep an open line of communication.
  24. Sleep is important. Dot go to bed at 3AM when you have to be up at 7AM. Your body will thank you for more sleep.
  25. Accept yourself. Love every curve, dimple,scar, and freckle. The things you think are flaws someone else probably thinks is adorable.
  26. Being a good friend takes effort. It’s hard to get together when schedules clash sometimes. But take the time to send a text or make a call. Just make a genuine effort to stay in touch and involved with the people who matter to you.
  27. Be kind. Always. There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever to not be kind. Even you don’t like someone, they still deserve kindness. Even if you’ve had the worst day of your life it is not ok to be mean or rude and ruin someone else’s day. We have no idea what other people are dealing with in their own lives. Just be kind to everyone, everyday, no exceptions.