27 Thoughts I’ve Had About Life By 27


1. While it’s human nature to crave approval, I know approval won’t always be granted. Try to swallow it down. Try not to chase it. These are not individuals I’m compatible with and it’s all just part of life.

2. Two drinks that save the day: seltzer (l am obsessed with this whenever I have indigestion) and coconut water (it’s real effective for hydration and energy).

3. Sometimes, it’s best not to give advice; sometimes, people just want to be heard.

4. Crying is still one of my go-to mechanisms for catharsis.

5. My body needs food every few hours. It truly bodes best for my mood.

6. It’s okay to feel sadness, to feel pain, to feel setbacks, to feel irritable, to make mistakes, to fall down. We’re only human. And in these human moments, I must remember to embrace my humanity, embrace the propensity for growth. Remember my core. Feel grateful to be a part of an enriching human experience.

7. I’m not a person until I have caffeinated tea every morning. Re-using tea bags is quite beneficial; the caffeine is not as strong, but it still gets the job done.

8. Sleep has become highly valuable and appreciated. Lack of sleep renders me extra sensitive and emotional. (Say goodbye to my 4 am bedtimes during college!)

9. Everyone is on their own path. Stay focused on my own instead of comparing myself to my peers.

10. It still feels that all is right in the world when I float in the light ocean waves.

11. Being near water tends to ground me.

12. Some chapters serve a purpose until they don’t anymore; it’s natural to feel nostalgic, but it’s also natural to move on.

13. I definitely have an addiction to sushi. (Maybe it’s the omegas in the salmon or the vitamin D in fish?)

14. When it’s past 1 am, drop an argument.

15. I’d love to live in an urban area again and hear those urban night sounds as I lie in bed.

16. When anxiety strikes, I don’t feel a sense of control. But what I can (and strive to) control is the anxiety itself.

17. It’s never too late to transcend a fear.

18. I suppose I still like snow. But mainly from the inside where I can be warmed up in blankets.

19. Now is the time to save as much money as possible.

20. I revel in my childish innocence whenever I listen to 90’s pop music.

21. Even though the writing field may not give way to a financially stable profession, I don’t ever want to stop writing and lose that part of myself.

22. Acquiring good health insurance is a practical and much-needed aspiration of mine.

23. My period is a blessing every month for two reasons. One, my PMS has gotten worse and therefore my actual period provides some semblance of relief, and two, I cannot even fathom being pregnant.

24. I need not to be hard on myself. While there is still so much more for me to learn, I’ve come a long way.

25. I love the beginnings of every season, but recently, I’ve been thinking that spring’s vitality and soothing breezes are very underrated.

26. I don’t love the ‘he said/she said’ game of politics and the emotional divergences it may provoke, but I do care about the issues.

27. There is so much uncertainty in life, but I think we all have inherent truths within that we can grasp or reflect upon (I tend to think a lot).