28 Advantages To Dating A Girl From The Pacific Northwest


This doesn’t necessarily pertain to every girl from the Northwest, but perhaps most of them…because we Northwest girls are just pretty darn rad.

1) She’s laid-back and not high-maintenance.

She doesn’t need tons of attention or to be lavished on with high-quality gifts. She loves and enjoy simplicity, and would rather be given something thoughtfully handmade or that took effort to get, rather than something that cost a lot.

2) She’s adventurous.

She can find an adventure anywhere, or adventures just seem to come to her. Getting lost is fun to her. It doesn’t matter where the two of you are going, all she needs is to hold your hand, blast the music and roll the windows down.

3) She’s always ready.

Ready for a road trip. Ready for a classy event. Ready to snuggle and make out. Ready with a pocket knife. Oh yes. Pocket knives are handy. And she has them basically 99% of the time.

4) She doesn’t wear a ton of makeup and is not too obsessed with a perfect hair look because she’s used to rainy drizzles.

She’s all about the natural.

5) She knows the best places to eat.

Whether it be the food carts on 10th Ave. in Portland, Calamity Jane’s in Sandy, or Fuji Teriyaki in Longview, Washington.

6) She’s not one for extravagant dates.

Sure, eating a romantic dinner up on a rooftop while seeing the city lights turn on for the night is super romantic. But she’s also happy with snuggling up to you on the couch, drinking hot coffee (or tea) while it rains outside, and just…being together.

7) She has good taste in music.

She has a pretty wide range of favorite music genres, so even if you don’t agree on all of them, you’ll have at least a couple that you won’t fight over changing stations all the time.

8) She’s talented.

Whether as a writer, singer, rock-climber, dancer, barista, or flower arranger. Your northwest girl kind of excels at many different things.

9) She almost always has a camera handy.

She’s all about the moments that take her breath away.

10) She’s creative.

Whether that means in crafts, knitting, crocheting, cooking, camping, wedding planning…

11) She’s not fake.

Not only is she comfortable in her own skin, she’s happy with it. There’s about 0% chance of her having any fake body parts. She enjoys working out and staying active. Oh and yoga pants.

12) She’s aware…

of her impact on God’s creation, and conscious of how she can try to treat the earth better and care for it, i.e. recycling, composting, etc.

13) She knows where to find the good food.

She’s all about farmer’s markets and fresh food stands or carts. She knows good fruit and where to find it. Oh and county fair food booths are no exception.

14) She’s good at driving on the back roads.

Not only for fun, but to get somewhere fast – so she can avoid the freeway traffic.

15) She’s great with animals.

She knows quite a bit about animals and doesn’t mind being around them often.

16) She’s all about relationships.

She’s very loyal to her family and close friends. They mean a ton to her, and she values strong and healthy bonds.

17) She’s determined.

There is little that can stand in her way of achieving goals. She’s passionate about what she loves and dedicated to living life to the fullest.

18) She can be comfortable in any situation.

She’s not too prone to become awkward. She loves meeting your friends and hanging out in group settings, or just having one-on-one quality time with you. She makes the most out of whatever happens, is down-to-earth, and easy-going.

19) She’s friendly to everyone.

She loves saying hello to strangers, and genuinely loves striking up conversations with random people she may meet. She isn’t afraid to introduce herself to people and make them feel welcomed. She has a friendly spirit about her and individuals feel warmed by her presence.

20) She will always remind you for the important things.

She won’t always have light conversations with you. She knows when to get serious, she knows what’s important, and she has no shame in talking about them honestly. She’ll encourage you to go visit your aging grandparents or reconnect with your childhood best friend.

According to my informal poll of Oregonian males…

21) She’s real.

22) She’s [usually] really cute.

23) She’s [usually] a great writer.

24) She also loves coffee.

So that’s a great first date option, right?

25) She’s not afraid to speak her mind.

26) She can [usually] hunt.

27) She knows how to drive a manual car.

28) She doesn’t mind cooking dinner.

“Total outdoors ladies. Not prissy or stuck up, like to get dirty, like to shoot guns, hunt, fish, and live life. But then they know how to blow a guy’s mind by getting all dressed up and take our breath away with how beautiful they are – both inside and out. Not to mention they know how to have a badass party, bonfires, music, big trucks, and great friends.”
—Mathew, 22

“It’s a fact that Northwest girls are so much kinder and accepting than most regions of the USA.”
—Mitch, 21

“They don’t need umbrellas.”
—Brenden, 20