28 People On The Last Time They Cried


“While watching ‘UP.'” -Mark, 32
“A few weeks ago… when I watched my younger sister graduate from high school. She has learning disabilities and they didn’t know if she could do it, but she did.” -Amanda, 22
“When I left my boyfriend, but not because we broke up, I realized… but because I was finally free.” -Anonymous, 20
“This is embarrassing. When I found out my ex had recently moved on. I, however, have not. Not even a little bit.” -Cassie, 27
“Each time I finished a John Green book.” -Ella, 22
“Last night, but I’m not really sure why. Sometimes you just gotta let out the things that are hurting you, even if you don’t know what they are.” -Jackie, 25
“Watching my favorite band live. I think it was a few months ago.” -Ron, 43
“Yesterday, I was just playing my guitar. I think when you do something you’re really passionate about, it just moves you.” -John, 42
“When I had my first religious experience years ago. I haven’t let myself cry since… not that I’ll admit, anyway.” -Rebecca, 27
“Looking through some old notes from a former love.” -Lina, 24
“A week ago, exactly. I was offered my dream job.” -Emily, 23
“I was playing a song and it reminded me of my grandma.” -Nate, 24
“When I said goodbye to my boyfriend at the airport.” -Kathryn, 21
“After having surgery a little while back.” -Chris, 19
“Oh, when I left college a few weeks ago and realized I wouldn’t see many of my friends again, and I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to them or thank them.” -Erica, 23
“Wow, I don’t want to admit this… when I found out my dog was sick.” -Elron, 30
“When my daughter said her first word. It was ‘Mama.'” -Jen, 32
“When I realized I didn’t want to be married anymore.” -Anonymous, 45
“The last time I cried was last week when I went to my friend’s mom’s funeral. I felt an overwhelming sense of empathy and my heart broke a little to see that two wonderful people had to suffer the loss of their mother– a loss I had in my family.” -Allison, 21
“When I found out that my father had to have surgery.” -Alex, 28
“When I quit my job.” -Mink, 25
“Last Friday. I was writing an impassioned letter to my friends.” -David, 27
“Two months ago… my dog died.” -Marta, 15
“When I tried E. I woke up the next morning still feeling it, freaking out, chewing my lips and crying. It was terrible.” -Audrey, 23
“This past summer, my grandma was in the hospital… I went to see her, and she was hooked up to all the machines… I lost it. They thought she had days, but she’s still alive.” -Ashley, 25
“My friend died of cancer. He was 45, had 4 young kids… it was a tragedy. He was religious, and he was praying, we all were, but you know, God hears but sometimes doesn’t answer.” -Sarah, 30
“When my father told me he loved me for the first time since I can remember. I didn’t let him see, though.” -Liam, 29
“When I got a job after 5 years of unemployment.” -Sandra, 43

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