28 Simple Ways To Practice Gratitude


1. Show up for the sunset

2. Show up for the sunrise

3. Smile at strangers

4. Make a meal for someone you love

5. Buy yourself flowers

6. Tell yourself kind things

7. Say “thank you”

8. Be vulnerable with your words

9. Offer peace in a conversation of war

10. Be present for peoples’ emotions, especially your own

11. Acknowledge the moon

12. Be a good neighbor

13. Meditate

14. Long for new knowledge

15. Hug your mother more

16. Call your grandparents more

17. Journal

18. Try to seek the good

19. Think about the good

20. Commend yourself on your success

21. Offer yourself compassion when you fail

22. Compliment strangers despite any anxiety you feel about it

23. Embrace the struggles

24. Speak and touch with the most gentle parts of your soul

25. Encourage others

26. Find something good in every single person you meet

27. Read books, learn new words

28. Travel, or appreciate the views in other places besides right where you are