28 Things Every Single Chick Is Tired Of Hearing


1. “But aren’t you lonely?”

2. “How is sleeping with random guys fulfilling?”

3. “Don’t you want something consistent in your life?”

4. “I have a cousin I could totally see you with—I’ll set it up right now!”

5. “My boyfriend’s best friend is single too—I’ll set it up right now!”

6. “Dating apps are a waste of time. You’ll never meet a good guy on one of those.”

7. “Aren’t dating apps exhausting?”

8. “I found a dating app you should try. It’s NOT for hook ups!”

9. “Do you want to get married and have kids?”

10. “What’s your ideal age to get engaged? You know, you’ve gotta date and get to know the guy for a while before he pops the question.”

11. “Your biological clock is ticking.”

12. “You slept with HIM? You KNOW he doesn’t want a relationship. Why would you do such a thing?”

13. “I hope you’re safe at least.”

14. “Do you masturbate a lot?”

15. “I’m engaged!”

16. “I’m pregnant (on purpose)!”

17. “My boyfriend and I are moving in together!”

18. “You have a lot of personal pizzas in your freezer.”

19. “Why are there 7 bottles of wine in your fridge?”

20. “I guess I wouldn’t cook much either if it was only for one person.”

21. “No, you totally won’t be a cat lady. But, like, do you think you’ll get another?”

22. “Oh yeah, it’s probably best to focus on your career right now, anyway…”

23. “Remember that boyfriend you had from high school? What do you think he’s up to these days? He seemed like a catch.”

24. “Oh yeah, it’s TOTALLY OK that you’re alone. It’s very…independent of you.”

25. “It’s not like you’ll die alone or anything. You’ll settle down eventually…right?”

26. “Do you even want a boyfriend?”

27. “Maybe you just aren’t the relationship type.”

28. “I’m sure you’ll get out of the ‘single phase’ soon.”