29 Cheap Things To Do This Summer For Non-Travellers


A What to do this summer list would not be complete if it did not have the Take a trip/ Go on a vacation/ Travel bullet point because well, who doesn’t want to pack your backpack and explore the world out there especially in this sexy weather? Unfortunately, not everyone, including me, has the time, money or the means to make this happen (or maybe some people just don’t like to travel, shocker!) Either way, our ass is stuck at home (or work) while we bore our brain out thinking of what to do these whole three months of summer.

If that’s the story of your life too, check out these suggestions:

1. Write a book about your personal stories and publish your (first) ebook ever

2. Write a fiction in one go and post on Wattpad

3. Write and send a letter every day to different people (or one person but it might be creepy…)

4. Learn to bake

5. Learn to play an instrument (if you have any instrument at home)

6. Learn to play a new sport

7. Experiment on your own lifestyle (e.g. wake up at 5 and run every morning for a certain amount of days and see how these changes affect you)

8. Learn a new language (or if you’re smart enough, invent a new language)

9. Learn Origami

10. Read 20 books (or more if you can)

11. Binge-watch a TV series you never had time to watch

12. Get a local part time job

13. Make funny, random videos and upload on Youtube

14. Visit all the local coffee shops and pubs. Write a review blog and recommend good places to people

15. Volunteer (e.g. with pets)

16. Hike (even just around your town)

17. Go camping

18. Start a radio show and go live on Soundcloud or Itune

19. Crash random parties, concerts and weddings

20. Go to free events and make sure you know at least three new people’s names at each event

21. Call an old friend and ask them to do any or all of these things in this list with you

22. Design some interesting survey questionnaire on a topic of your choice. Send it out to people around your town, then write a report on the results

23. Do gardening, e.g. grow flowers and vegetables (if possible) or ask to help neighbours with their gardening (if they have a garden and are friendly enough)

24. Complete a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle

25. Take the same photo of yourself everyday for the whole summer and see how you have changed

26. Set up an online dating account and do some fun social experiment

27. Set up an online dating account and try Dr. Aron’s “36 Love Questions” with everyone you meet (and see if they will fall in love with you in 90 minutes for real)

28. Set up an online dating account and screenshot weird, funny, creepy messages. Write a blog post about your dating adventure, then submit to Thought Catalog so everyone can laugh about it with you too.

29. Go on 30 first dates and of course, blog about it

Any more ideas?